Read Between the Lines

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I like the idea! i find the black rectangles (seen the the Ts, B & L) to be a little distracting, I'd suggest making it a little more consistent and streamline if possible. :)

Calib Linden

Okay, good concept and nice design, but it needs to be aligned a little better and it is kind of hard to read. i know what it says because i read the title first but if i didnt read the title first it wouldve taken me longer than 20 seconds to figure it out. maybe flow it better in a more line manner? but i like the design! its good.




I tried adjusting the T's and L's but you can only go so far without them looking like something that isn't a T or L.


I would have put this in for the 4 word design contest, but I was extremely busy.


(っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

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