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Underrated Films

Hey all! I'm always on the prowl for a flick that three people have seen in the world and tell me it's the cinematic equivalent of the resurrection on the screen. Are there any movies (1 day or 100 years old, it doesn't matter) that anyone loves more than life itself, but avoided blip detection on the pop culture radar screen? A few movies off the top of my heaf I feel deserve way more recognition than they recieved: Death and the Maiden, Roger Dodger and Swimming With Sharks.

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hey i just noticed your name is Evan. its mine too.


Strange Days is relatively unheard of, considering it's awesome. It's not artsy obscure though.


I just watched My Life as a Dog, its Swedish, pretty slow going, but I liked it.
Although Im not sure if its underrated, but nobody I know has watched it...


They Came Back


New York Doll.

freaking amazing.


I loved Imaginary Heroes and A Home at the End of the World.


Oh, My Life as a Dog is a celebrated classic in Sweden. It sure is good.


Joyeux Noel was awesome.

All the movies I'm naming are in French....


EXPECT NO MERCY starring Billy Blanks of Tae Bo fame.


Mysterious Skin


Fallen Angels is an often forgotten Wong Kar-Wai film. He made it for peanuts with his friends while making the big budget Ashes of Time, which is pretty crap.


Le Dernier Combat (The Last Battle) is my favourite film almost completely without dialogue. Postapocalyptic in black and white.


BTW, if anyone knows where I can find Fallen Angels on DVD, I'd appreciate a link. I've only found a korean version, but it's crap.


Never heard of the french films...i'll have to check out my life as a dog.

kidaro- strange days was indeed an awesome, underrated movie- i even remember ebert giving it an A+. But he also gave neccassary roughness an A. How does a critical mind like that exist in one brain?

thanks for all the suggestions so far...keep em comin'. I'm planning a night with a fellow movie buff and wanna be shocked big time at what we watch.


Have you heard of Saw III?


The Cemetery Man


Treed Murry... or Murray... i dunno which


a world apart- I actually wanted to see the new one, as i felt the second was waaaay more entertaining than the pseduo-intellectual thriller antics of the first movie. The cheez wiz second Saw actually reminded of a video game that starred a certain bumbly hero in my icon.


Love, Ludlow
Grave of the Fireflies
Me, You, and Everyone We Know
In America
Layer Cake


It's pretty awesome. I was a background in it.


oh In America was awesome, I recommend that one too


I can't think of anything, but I have so many! Let's see...Magnolia comes to mind.


If you don't mind something heavier, The Life of David Gale.


Smala Sussie (Slim Susie) is my favourite of recent swedish films. It's about small time bumbling criminals out in the sticks. It's very, very swedish, but as far from Bergman as you can get. The director, Ulf Malmros is probably the most original working in Sweden today. All his stuff is worth checking out.


Ooo, I'll see if I can find that one, kidaro

I just remembered, "Hable con Ella" (Talk to Her), I watched it just to help me with Spanish but it turned out to be a pretty good film


journey to the center of the earth


Cube, Cypher and Equilibrium are pretty good underrated sci-fi.

Also Run Lola Run, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Death To Smoochy.


After Life


I liked Run, Lola, Run.


Primer is my favourite low budget film about time travel.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was great, yeah. Shane Black is a genius at what he does.


If you're into wes anderson/owen wilson, track down their first flick Bottle Rocket
Similar to Napolean Dynamite but way better.


I watched Journey To The Center of the Earth all the time when I was a kid. I should try and find it again.

Also, Series 7: The Contenders and Battle Royale (Batoru rowaiaru), which is a crazy movie.


I really think "Delicatessen" and "A Very Long Engagement" both deserve the attention given to "Amelie".


Movies from Threadless folks that I have seen and loved: Magnolia, Cube, Run Lola Run, A Very Long Engagement, Series 7.

I saw Death to Smoochy, Bottle Rocket and Cypher but wasn't a big fan of them (serenityoz is a big fan of that Cube director- lol. I felt Cypher was pretty to look at but ultimatley very shallow in terms of plot and payoff. I kinda guessed the ending halfway through).

So many flicks I will check out form this list. Thanks all and keep them coming! I also remembered a few more that I think deserve a wider audience and more attention: Crumb, Tape, Three O'clock High, Battle Royale (you gotta love a movie about school children pitted in a game of last person alive wins), and A.I. (cause I never think this film gets the deep thought and discussion the film deserves).


Not saying all these films are necessarily good, but plenty of them are underrated. I especially enjoyed A boy and his Dog. Oh yeah, and Children of Men is awesome, although that is pretty recent and has been getting some good reviews so it's probably not underrated.

Anyway, I loves me some post-apocalyptic dystopian sci-fi :)


I didn't even KNOW i loved the dystopian genre until you just pointed it Dr. Manhattan- thanks! Ah, Dark City, Sin City, Brazil and Gattaca, how i love thee...

And how did this list know that Freejack is my guiltiest of guilty pleasures?!!?!


CUBE was fantastic! I dont think acting gets much worse :D


Cube was really intriguing and pretty well executed despite the acting, which for the most part sucked.

FRICKINAWESOME that movie and Saw II reminded me of playing Dragon's Lair, which in my opinion, can only help my feelings of love toward said film.


i know some people may say its semi big film but district 13 is absolutly anamzing film!


Punch Drunk Love had decent advertising when it came out, but is so so so much better than it's box office results would imply.

Tideland and Look Both Ways are both really great, relatively unknown films that should be seen.


I'm a big fan of The Salton Sea. It stars Val Kilmer as a speed-freak and Vincent D'Onofrio as a gack-fiend that "snorted" his nose off and is referred to as "Pooh Bear."

I'm not a big fan of Westerns, but I've always stood true next to The Searchers, an old John Wayne film that stands out among the "Spaghetti's."

Bubba Ho-Tep, a Bruce Campbell film where he plays a foul-mouthed Elvis who did the ol' switcheroo with an impersonator and then the impersonator had a heart attack, leaving Bruce's Elvis to rot in a nursing home.

Where the Buffalo Roam is a good film about Hunter S. Thompson, starring Bill Murray, who I think more accurately captures the spirit than Johnny Depp.


bubba ho tep is an awesome film!


OMG Sassmo, i bought Buffalo Roam like six months ago at a garage sale for a buck b/c I couldn't believe i had never heard of a film where bill murray and peter boyle played hunter's dynamic duo, plus a soundtrack performed by neil young! I haven't watched it yet for some reason- thanks for reminding me about it! As for Bubba Ho-Tep, I'm surprised the film didn't get more buzz merely for its Bruce Campbell presence, but i thought it was merely enjoyable and nothing more or less, but i don't think the film had higher aspirations than providing its own idea of goofy reality to laugh at. The Searchers is awesome as well- The Quick and the Dead i think is the most underrated Western and Sam Raimi flick in existence drools at the cinematography and cool angles of that flick. I've heard several people tell me about the awesomeness of The Salton Sea- ill have to pick that one up.

Unrelatedly, I just watched A Perfect World the other day again for the first time in forever, and was shocked at what a wonderful performance Kevin Costner gave, the downer ending of it, and the whole depiction of a different time in law enforcement history. Plus showing a kid trick or treating through the intimidation of firearms is always a fun lesson to teach kids.


OMG! Thank you for reminding me about A Perfect World. That was a guilty pleasure of mine when I was younger. My friends used to make fun of me for watching such a "sissy movie."


Mute Witness
Dead Man's Shoes
Dead Man
A Very Long Engagement
Laws Of Gravity

All films from the over the last 15 years or so that didn't get huge mainstream releases but are excellent.

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