i just bought a ctrl z and this shirt, and the sizing is a bit funky on this shirt... it fit a little looser and wider... am i the only one that thought so?

Watch this

Maybe you got the wrong size.


I spot a Thom!


Just recieved mine and it's tighter than usual....!


Mine's slightly looser than usual. And a tiny bit longer. Tis a bummer because now it fits justa tad too big. -- and this is one of my favorite designs ever. :(


Mines a bit loose too, but Threadless' shirts always seem to fit a little better after I've washed them.


This was my first shirt from here! It seems more like a size Medium than the Small I ordered (says Small on the shirt though), but I also got "Well, This Just Really Sucks" and that one was perfect. I guess the printing wasn't the only thing they screwed up on this one...


Hmmm... my "Well, This Just Really Sucks" shirt feels equally loose to my Carbon shirt. Maybe a little looser. I'll bet the Threadless crew is just trying to mess with our brains. :)

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Threadless shirts are magical and constantly variant in size.

My We Are Made of Carbon shirt actually fits quite nicely though it is a little bit longer than normal. Luckily the one shirt I got that was printed correctly was the one I got in my size. Hah!


mine's a girly medium, and it's actually a bit tighter than normal.

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i bought my first shirt just yesterday (large), hopefully it will fit right for me


I also thought my shirt (Large) was bigger than normal. I might run it through a hot dry cycle to shrink it a bit.


I honestly don't think I've ever gotten two shirts from Threadless that fit the same.


mine's a little looser but not bad


I just got mine, and the neck on mine is ginormous and its pretty long. It's a small, too.

I'm just going to wash it and dry it and hope for the best...


Dark Grey ones run a little larger in size. Just wash it a few extra imes.


I got this and bobshopping both in a medium... they must have messed up the sizes before printing. This shirt is measures the same as a fotl large and bobshopping as a fotl small.

I may send it back, just too big.


Third time is a charm. The run on the mediums must have all been printed on large. I returned a medium for another medium; I figured it was a mistake. I got another medium that was really a large. Returned that one too and opted for a small. Its smaller than normal, but at least I'm not swimming in it.

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