Aqua vs Teal (or) Girly Small vs. Guys Small

I'm looking at the other blogs, and girls seem to be unhappy with the girly-tee's colour. I'm considering getting a guy's small instead of a girly small, but not if the size difference is HUGE.

So ladies, how hard is it to see the squid? And, have any of you ordered a guy's small in place of a girly small? Did it work out well?

Argh, I want this shirt but not if it looks lame. :(


Watch this

i wear a girly medium or large,
and the guys small fits about the same as the medium.


the guys small is about the same size as a girly medium, but i prefer the girls because the sleeves are shorter, as well as the length. im expecting my loch ness to come in the mail today!

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you can see it just fine...


I wear girls large or guys small. I think you'll swim in the guys shirt


I dont get what colour the girls is meant to be, it says aqua but i thought that was the bright blue... oh well I ordered it anyway.


I got mine yesterday and I personally love the colour, it looks great!


I've got a Girly Small, and I love the color! I did what you are thinking of for another shirt though, and the Guys Small is way too big to wear out. I just use it as a night shirt now. :/


Mine arrived yesterday =D

I bought the guys small instead of the girls--actually fits pretty good in terms of length, and I just fold up the sleeves. I usually wear girls small too, but I wasn't digging the girls' color version from the photos I saw.

The squid's a bit hard to make out, but I'm fine with it =)


I ordered this in a man's small and another shirt in girls large and it is LAUGHABLE when you hold them up to each other as you can see how the girls large is actually smaller then the man's small. Incredibly irritating. I am actually wondering if it was mistakenly a girls medium some how because on my planet a girls large isn't a freakin' tube top.

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