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i posted this straight away as a tee shirt design. it's not going so well. so i'd like some advice ? - eden


I think it's a great art... I voted your submission, and I like it!

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Maybe it is too simplistic, there is no message or idea behind, the realization is good and it is not ugly, but you should try to give some more meaning to your design.

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It seems kinda plain. Maybe you should extend out your sky.

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Someone needs to be taking a ride in it.


hey guys, i'm kinda liking the minimalism of the whole design, i'm not sure how well thins translates to tee shirt print. it was water colour on paper but yeah.

Joey Lane

Totally love the simplistic style. It's very light hearted and playful. To me the colors work well to create that whimsical dreamlike feeling. Great job!

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I personally really like it and i think it does translate well onto a shirt. May be enhancing the outline with a pen and black ink and maybe adding some splotches here and there to not leave it so clean might do the trick. But as i said! I really like the idea!

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