• by zerzillia
  • posted Nov 14, 2006

This is splendidly beautiful photography!

Watch this

Yes, the juxtaposition of the so-called "indie" man with the colliding flowers and the whitewashed wall behind him implies a kind of computerised society against a more earthy kind of person. I think it is brilliant and deserving of awards.

Wait, what am I saying? Thirty bucks to DHL and a goofy knitted hat and one of the most awfully scene Threadless shirts against an ugly clapboard, it's Threadless, so it deserves awards anyways.



I think the way the photography catched motion on still frame is fantastic. The way the flowers and the hands seem moving and transparent. The guy also has the right emotion - captured just at the right moment.

Except I can't say I like the t-shirt as much as the photography! It's not bad, but kinda average? :P


Hehe. His facial expresion makes me laugh!


Is this shirt based on the book? I haven't read the book...

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