Love storm

  • by rlmonitto
  • posted Apr 19, 2012

Watch this

Just imagine, what if instead of strong winds and rains, it storms love...

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interesting thing to think about:) I like it alot. Great idea. maybe make it look more stormy rain falling down great job and design.

please if you can check me out Autumn Deer


The idea is really nice! Just expand the design a bit and maybe try to make it more dynamic. I think it'll look great. Good luck :)


The design actually is the top view of the storm, I tried to expand it and did some little bit of mini rains. Hopefully this settles the 1st versions comments.


Hello! thanks for the comments!


The concept and the art are great! But I think you may use a different color tee (like blue or dark green, for example...). I like it!

If you have a minute you may Vote my design and comment it. Thanks!!


Really like the concept but agree with the comments on the t shirt colour,

If you have time can you score / comment on My submission



Ok, I'll try it... thank!


The model is wearing a color jade shirt. I think my design looks good on it (its like the combination of light colored blue and green). I tried the blue and dark green color, they're supposed to compliment with the design but I think the combination is not that very good. So I tried the model photos from the kit and I think the other colors that are good with the design are light pink, light blue, light yellow for the light colors; and red, brown also kind a looks good as the dark colors.

I've checked the colors before with the design using the t-shirt template file but I think the design looks different with the colored shirt from the flat photo against the worn t-shirt.

I want to show all the colors I mentioned, but i'm not sure if it's ok to use the model photos and put them all together.

Anyways, I hope it's finally ok.


The person who hit the "don't submit" button isn't really nice ! I think it looks really nice for a girl shirt. You should try to submit.

My design I Am Your... is waiting for your precious vote !


Thanks for the comment!

But i think guys can and should also wear this regardless of the design colors.

What I know, nowadays guys do wear pink colors, and I think nobody should stop them.

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