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WHARTON (person) Definition: A jovial character distinguished by his wit and good style!

Could I ask you about how you got into art and design?
As a child I had a man crush in the shape of Han Solo. Morning, noon and night I would draw scenes from star wars over and over again. Christmas, Mother's Day, Easter and birthdays people would get cards heavily themed with Mr. Solo resplendent in futuristic waist coat and rakish pose. If I could have chopped Star Wars up into a powder form I would have snorted it up my nose, such was the intensity of my scribbling. Han Solo was a phase but a love of drawing wasn't.

Can you tell us about a project that you have worked on?
My favourite project to date has been working with the publishers 'Random House Mondadori'. I'm a huge fan of Ernest Hemingway and I have a collection of self initiated book covers I designed. They approached me to use one for a limited edition run they were producing of 'The Old Man and the Sea', it was published in March last year. If I had my choice I would design nothing but book covers and would love to work for Penguin (the publishers).

Have you got amusing anecdotes about yourself?
I'm not sure if this classes itself as an anecdote as much as an utterly irrational fear and a terrible reflection of my character. But I'm beside myself with fear about sharks (even in swimming pools). Whenever I swim in the sea I will always ensure that someone else is further out than me to provide a meaty shield allowing me precious seconds to make my escape through the blood and gore filled water, even if that person happens to be one of my young nieces or nephews, which it so frequently seems to be. The stupidity of my fear is heightened by the fact that I live in the UK and any shark would need a scarf and mittens to swim in these waters. This is my secret shark filled shame.
This catharsis has jogged my memory of an actual anecdote and its shark related!
When I was about 7 I saw Jaws for the first time, I lay on our couch contentedly watching Roy Scheider wave his gun around and shout at people on the beach. My parents were going out to dinner that evening. My mum having spent unholy hours getting ready, perfumed and elegantly attired in a new dress came and sat beside me. Unfortunately it was at this precise point that Jaws bit someone in half, teeth flashing, fountains of blood and shrieks of the innocent. I sat bolt upright and accurately shot a torrent of vomit into her lap and onto her new dress. After a withering look from me to her new dress she left the room to limbo out of her sagging dress of puke, thanks Jaws.

If you had to be stuck on a desert island with seven Threadlessers, who would they be? (It was me who crashed the ship, so one of them can't be me).
Who would I pick to be hot and sweaty in ragged clothes on a paradise island? The instinctive red blooded choice would be to nominate Threadless' resident perverts Littlem and Spacesick for their unceasing dedication to smut-argeddon. Loorrrd for his unwavering fealty and all round niceness, I also get the impression he makes a mean Martini. Pilihp (aka Phillip) to look upon with watery eyes of equal parts admiration and jealousy. Ibyes for his level headed and invaluable advice. After reading QBF's recent interview I can't help but want to have him on board for his frighteningly high levels of niceness. To even out this sausage fest I would also pick purely based on her profile picture (and the fact that she's devoted to cheese) JessHanbury from the Threadless team.

Where do you get your inspiration from making your artwork?
I wish I knew. Half the time I'm feverishly trying to find a winning combination which usually results in a half-baked and somewhat contrived result. I find its only when I'm bumbling around and passively imaging that the magic occurs. Anything can be an inspiration; a walk in the park, an overheard conversation, an old photo album, its taking the time to realise it that matters.

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lol @ sagging dress of puke

Great stuff!

Farnell profile pic Alumni

Great interview


You should have chosen Littlem as well. Her shiny balls will surely act as signals for our rescue.

Great interview! I had fun reading this one. The effect Jaws has on kids our time is seriously awesome

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

i read his inspiration as that he was always half-baked.

Thomas Orrow
Thomas Orrow profile pic Alumni

lol Ummmm no! That means half thought out as in: half baked like a baked potato!

Not blazed haha :P

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Funniest interview yet.

I LOL at the mental image of your poor mom cover in puke. I am sure she loves you very much just as only a mom can.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

and using your nieces and nephews as shark bait, that's priceless.

pilihp profile pic Alumni

haha! why watery eyes of equal parts admiration and jealousy? :D

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Wow, its up and I'm embarrassed and flattered.

The sagging dress of puke is a family heirloom passed down mother to daughter, unwashed and stiff.

@Loorrrd Littlem was my first choice!

@Soloyo. Is it cowardice to use your young relatives as a scapegoat? Or just natural selection?

@QBF. I've never heard of Creepshow, what is/are they?

@Pilihp. If I didn't know better I would think someone was fishing for more compliments.


Now someone please draw and submit the Jaws puke incident. =)

myteemo profile pic Alumni

ahahah! Your poor mom! :)

Also, I thought you already had a shield Wharton!? Someone get this guy a purple name!


Enjoyed reading this! The part about Jaws almost sounds like a (bad) dream. :)


hahaha wharton is both charming and witty. who knew??

p.s. regarding the perv label, it takes one to know one!

the czar

The Jaws story is priceless


are you guys jealous?? we're gonna be stuck on an island together! all hot, under the blistering sun, stranded, no fresh water source...



dudes! i was just jesting about the jealous part. not the S.O.S, though!


what soloyo said...

...and what a fun read!

Thomas Orrow
Thomas Orrow profile pic Alumni

@little m Ha ha, I crashed the ship on purpose! :D

Thanks for the interest in the interview everybody! and of course a big thank you to Wharton who provided us all with his amusing shark story!


i would also love to be on a deserted islans with littlem! spacesick... not so much.


Wonderful idea!!! Interviews!!!


always look forward to reading these interviews. Great wok


i like wharton. he's like a callus that's annoying at first, but then it hangs around for so long that you begin to get comfortable with seeing it every day. and you might even miss it if it was gone.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Spiffing interview

Wharton profile pic Alumni

@Myteemo. Don't fel sorry for my mum, she deserved it for irresponsible parenting, I mean a 7 year old watching Jaws!?

Littlem's veruca? Better than a shield and a purple name any 'ol day.

Thanks Tom for asking me to participate it was a lot of fun, although you did miss out the question where I essentially suck up to some of my favourite artists on Threadless. I'm glad you guys liked it I wasn't expecting such a response. Thanks Tom!

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

Not sure if this was mentioned, but I LOLd at the fact that Annie was included as part of the sausage if Jess were the only girl on the island. I guess that makes sense.

Also, this interview rocks.

Wharton profile pic Alumni

@QBF. I'm not sure I'm ready for Creepshow judging by the trailer, I might puke on my dad this time.


don't worry, tazzy-pie, we could eat spacesick first. problem solved!


agreed. although i think hewould taste like socks.

Thomas Orrow
Thomas Orrow profile pic Alumni

Creepshow looks fun! It made me smile.

@taz pie and little m I'm sure Spacesick would love to have his stinky body parts in your mouths if he was trapped on a desert island. Just kidding :)

Wharton mentioned Citizen Rifferson, Sweet and Sour and somebody else, but I wasn't sure who that was as his favourite Threadartists!

@Bramish pip pip old bean!


oh dear, sweet, merciful jeebus :/

Thomas Orrow
Thomas Orrow profile pic Alumni

Ha ha sorry littlem I'm sure you would be excellent company on a desert island even for non cannibalistic reasons!


MOI??? TOM is to blame this time!

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Someone else is ALWAYS to blame aren't they? I think we'd have to put you on a small neighbouring island to halt the infection.

Thomas Orrow
Thomas Orrow profile pic Alumni

Score this design: "Harmony," to help it get printed on Threadless!

Another amazing sub by Wharton. Also, good luck for your type entries for the Four Words or Less comp. & thanks to little m for the comments :) Shhh about entries!


Wharton profile pic Alumni

I might be super niave but what does this ' :O ' smiley imply?

Ah, you're too kind. I'm sure I will get printed if I keep going and offer the right sacrifices at the altar. I'd like to be subbing now, but I'm up to my eyes in house renovations, sleeping on the floor and eating our every night.

Those are some old subs that scored pretty low I think. I'm much happier with some of my more recent subs.

Thanks for the niceness Tom


those are two ace designs. love the colourway of harmony. i'd sacrifice spacesick, for sure!

Thomas Orrow
Thomas Orrow profile pic Alumni

I'll tell you later :)

Also, your type pieces are great-hopefully they'll get printed, but the #printthis tweets can only be done with subs after 90 days.

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