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Love my ass

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i like it with text, gives it better context and i think i like the pink, which is unusual for me

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This is pretty sweet dude. The addition of the type is great, great carnival/ circus feel to it. In the new version the light cream colour is a little lost on the pale blue for me. The colours don't have the same dynamism as they did in the old version. Great work though.

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Alumni

+1 on agrimony's comment!

Pez Banana

the new one, definetely! And yes, the text makes it feel more complete and clear, gives it that circusy feeling

and i agree with agrimony. That would make it even more hilarious... and a bit less "direct".


Morkki, I'm glad this is your type of butt.

Pretty helpful comments everyone.

agrimony, you are absolutely right!!

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myteemo profile pic Alumni

Nice butt! I really like the added text.

dampa profile pic Alumni

this is great!

windmile profile pic Alumni

Nice butt!!!The great gluteus is totally rules!! 2

ibyes profile pic Alumni

I loved this before and now I love it even more. I agree with toning down the distressing a bit. They better print this now.


Thanks guys.

Tried every suggestion. tried what Morkki said butt it looked a bit stranger to me.

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

so good

Haragos profile pic Alumni

Hey.. Nice ass

ibyes profile pic Alumni

You stil have to define the line on that stool thing he has his foot on. Right now it looks like a bear trap.

Pez Banana

what ibyes said, then it's ready to go! It came out really nice too!


My goal now is to get the same score as it had the other time. :D


Hah, nice work!

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