virgin ganesha

  • by zoso1
  • posted Apr 16, 2012

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hey guys. i like this drawing and i think it has a good chance, so i dont want to rush it this time. i'm looking for advise on colors mainly.. should i go bright and crazy or kinda light and pasteley? what color shirt? rnrnits Lord Ganesha as the Virgin de Guadalupe, with buddha as the angel and different faiths represented. its the masculine and feminine, the east and the west. it means all traditions are equally valid and god is love.


faded colors on white or crazy neon on black?


I would incline more on the white one. I really like your illustration!!! it is beautifully done with a great sense of detail. I think you could find a middle ground and have a bit more intensity on the colors but not as much as in the black background one. I would also try to add some value to the colors so they don't seem flat but instead you get tones or shadows to push the illustration further, in other words if you establish a light source and play with that your piece could elevate to the next level. I definitely like it!

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played with the faded palette, the background star, put it on a cream colored shirt, and tried to figure out a flash template! i'd love to hear what you think it still needs!


I've decided i like the new shape and placement of the background star, i'm just not sure if i like the lighter color scheme. compared to previous versions, which color treatment for the star do you prefer?


playing with the colors... i didnt bother with the flash this time but check out the placement in the last version


keep changing my mind and landed on this... even though im not getting much feedback this critiques blog thing is a nice way to look and reflect at my work and slow me down..


this is awesome. i would totally wear it!


I like this, and I'd buy it.

I'm really curious which religion the hummingbird comes from, and I like the humor it adds to an otherwise serious subject matter.

Part of me would like to see more color brought down to the bottom of the figure, to give it a firmer base. Maybe add some reds to the lotus flower?

I also have a crit up, if you have time. :)


hey thanks MatthewDudley for the great suggestion of putting some more color on the lotus. why didnt i think of that? anyway, i spent some time and added some highlight shading to the cloth...


I like very much this kind of art... For me is ready to submit!

If you have a minute you may Vote my design and comment it! Thanks!


i think this is it.


oh, and to answer your earlier question, MatthewDudley, to me the hummingbird represents a tradition called Santo Diame. an amazon blend of shamanism spritism and Catholicism.... and ayawascha. but i didnt want to make that very obvious, and leave it to the eye of the beholder. everyone will have a different idea of what the hummingbird represents and i like that.


I love this and would buy this.

Joey Lane

stellar work man!


I think is ready to be printed!

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Oh, that's awesome. You really did your homework for this. Thanks for indulging my curiosity. :) I think it's ready to go!

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