Skyscraper on a Moonlit Night

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I like the design, building looks good. I feel the moon needs more detail to it or possibly something else in the sky like a couple of flying birds or something. But overall can't find much fault with it.


I like the simplicity of this design so I don't know that more elements would really help. I would just add craters or something on the moon so the detail level is the same as the building. Great work

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The perspective is great as well as the projection, but can add more detail to the moon


I agree with irvingart and bscott01, also you don't have to fill all the space on the tee... the building is too big, maybe make it a little smaller and move it more to the left to balance the design.

I also have a design on the running, give it a look:

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this is wonderful. I love it! I actually like how big the building is myself. I would just say more detail in the moon! great design!

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Overall, it looks fine, the moon just kinda throws me off a bit. It's kind of just... there. I can't really explain it.

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thanks for the feedback guys :) i will post up a new version asap


Your design looks definitely cool to me. I love the building perspective, and the moon too. I'd maybe try to work on the moon perspective rather than on its detail level. anyway I give I would submit it as it looks now. good job!


One way I might attack the moon is to use a cool tone, like a very pale blue or purple, to fill in the craters and shadows. It'll make it pop against the red, without loosing the simplicity that you seem to be going after.

I've got one up for crit, if you have time. :)


Wow! the V2 is so much better! and such tiny changes...

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