Do as me say, not as me do.

  • by ecofreak
  • posted Apr 12, 2012

Watch this

8 colors. I thought about trying to give Cookie Monster some texture/fur.rnI also thought about putting a cookie jar under the table on the back view.rnthoughts?rnthanks in advance!


Cookie jar on the back would be a good addition also a little shade and shadow would be nice to give the design depth

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i thought about adding shadow; that takes me out of my 8-color limit though.


I think that maybe... you could make the fruit a little more "Perfect looking" so it's more the Cartoon stile and it fits more with the Sesame Street subject...

I would recommend you Highly contrasting fruit... in a different arrangement... and with some bold black strokes...also a litlle bit for the monster...

I hope this is helpful to you!

thanks for your comments on my coffee design! :D

I'd appreciate and insight on this one also.


Andy Angel

I like the concept very much, probably some shadows, would be nice, but it´s a great concept.

Thanks for the critique!


went back to the drawing board

i'm thinking on a yellow shirt.


this looks awful. i'm working on a v3


all comments welcome and appreciated! thanks in advance!


Not sure about the green background on the back, it makes it seem it's not a mirrored image


Trudging the top half on the back white as well...sorry for posting twice, but I wanted to give a suggestion


Try changing, not trudging...damn auto correct on this ipad


this is pretty cool haha. and i agree dont use the green color in the backround.


aw, it does look better w/o the green. thanks for that suggestion!

how do people feel about the cookie jar? I wanted it to be glass so that you could see the crumbs inside.


Funny, Love this. But not sure the color Blue, try it on a different colors. Plus the green and yellow is not going well with the blue. V1 was better, Darker Blue

Love it


the green, yellow, white is supposed to be a take on the sesame street sign. not working for people?


funny idea. would look better if design was on the shirt


It's looking good Eco. I would try different shirt colors now


i commend your dedication to get this design perfect; & your progression & experimentation is magnificent..

also to add: your concept is very good, i wish i thought of that for the sesame street challenge, hehe..

after looking through your previous versions, I reckon your first one in terms of colour & composition is my favourite.. unless that's deliberate; i find the green & royal blue to be too bright in this current version + less is more can be of benefit as the borders you've made with the yellow & green outline around the artwork feel constrictive to the character & design - much like your first version, if you use the background of the shirt as the background of your piece - it would compositionally meld between shirt & design..

but the way you've solved your colour limit problem is great & the fruits & veg are nicely done, as well as your inclusion of the empty cookie jar - tops!

thanks again for your help & comments to my critique - it is much appreciated!


Cool! I agree that the colors are a bit to bright in this version. This is a great idea and is progressing really well. Keep it up!


I tried to simplify. got rid of yellow, thereby freeing up a color, allowing me to have more options for t-shirt color.
I also refined the light reflections on the cookie jar.
Do you think there needs to be shadows cast by cookie monster and cookie jar on back, and fruit on table on front?

thank you, all, for your comments and helping me to improve my design! I appreciate all the help.


Sorry going all the way back to V1, I think the capsicum needs to be red, carrot orange and maybe some black on the banana. Good luck :)

The Cake Mom

I agree with Erica, I'd make the vegetables have more colors. Maybe add some red like bell pepper or strawberries.


I figured out a way around the color limit problem. Can't believe I didn't think of it sooner.... As a result, I was able to add more healthy fruits and vegetables!

I'm feeling pretty good about this version. Let me know what you think! thanks in advance :-)


Hahahaha! this is soo cool! :) thanks for the comment by the way! :)

maybe you should fix on the monster? remove the stripes in the "shadow" area? :)


re: HeleneSerine. Thanks for the comments :-) the lines are how i'm making shadows. stripes of black. its the only way i could think of to add shadow while staying in my 8 color limit. maybe i should try a different pattern of black for the shadows?


Hahah, nice concept, that cookie monster is so my style, i would rock this. i actually like the line stripe shadow.


Haha, funny idea! Maybe I would give some shadow in the cokie, above all in the part which is bitten.

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I definitely like this idea. Cool to see the progression from the first version until now. I like everything there, but maybe put a few crumbs around his mouth or something (?) Not a lot but just enough so it raises the question if he really is eating healthy. Just an idea.

Joey Lane

Great work dude! I love the concept. so funny!

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