Initially I was only going to draw a few but I'll keep this going as much as I can, so you guys can meet all the staff, well at least the cartoon versions :D

This is Jeff he does artist relations for Threadless, you might have seen him twerking on the videos, or modeling every shirt on the website. He is one of my best friends and even was my roommate for a while, glad he is one of my coworkers, say hello to Threadless community superstar Jeff!

This is Angie she is the Product Development Coordinator, she always has a bucket of candy by her desk to share with everyone, and also she doesn't like to talk about herself, I bet is cause she would take all week talking about how awesome she is.

This is Kyle he is the Marketing Coordinator, one of the most cheerful people here at work, also plays for a band "Dog & Wolf"

This is Jillian, she is a junior designer, she's awesome at drawing type, and loves subway! check more of her work here:

This is Laura, She's a merchandiser and works for partnerships here at Threadless, She has lots of allergies. And loves wine

This is Dustin Henderlong, he is the community growth manager, he loves photography and sometimes likes to drink beer in the shower.

Dan Yingling
This is Dan Yingling, He approves and declines all the submissions, and works directly with the artists, he's a huge Green Bay Packer fan, also in a band called CUT TEETH - He is also the most athletic dude here at threadless.

This is Danny Rose, he works in the warehouse, always smiling no matter what, probably the most athletic dude here, and he's an awesome singer too.

This is Christian, he is the community partnerships manager here at Threadless, dude has an awesome standing desk at work!

This is Collin, works on a lot of the videos you see on Threadless, we started a car club and plan on racing anyone that challenges us, fast and the furious style!

This is Leah, she works product creative, kids and select lines, she is very competitive in beer drinking games, but she somehow always manages to lose :D

This is Bob Nanna, He is the Marketing Manager, knows the answer to every trivia question ever and is a famous musician who has his own wikipedia page!

This is Tristan, he's an Engineer here at Threadless, he's pretty awesome at getting everything to work, he's also in a band The Felix Culpa

This is Josh Nickell, He is the International Markets Manager here at Threadless, he's pretty good at all bar games. Also I think he's a Yoga Master

This is Ninna, She is the partnerships co-ordinator here at Threadless and outside of work makes amazing handmade clothing and goodies! check her website out

This is Anand, He is the Chief Operations Officer, he's probably in a meeting right now.

This is Mitch, he works in the warehouse, one of the dudes that makes sure you get your shirts, he's usually skateboarding as he works.

This is Dane, he works in the warehouse, Dane is a pretty funny dude he did a few stand-up comedy shows about his old pornography vhs collection :P

This is Mike Halgas, he works with the production team, this dude is super chill and once we took a few shots and decided to shrink wrap and throw ketchup on speedy's car very late one night haha

This is Wilson, head of partnerships, I think he speaks about 50 different languages, likes top shelf liquors and is responsible for the swankiest meeting room here.

The Tom
This is Tom, He's the CEO of Threadless, he likes beer and used to be a Dj in New York

This is Jen, She's the photography assistant, she's a huge He-man fan and has an awesome collection of everything awesome!

This is Colleen, She's the content director at Threadless, she's also a fellow Wisconsinite and a dancer!

This is Jess, she's the community manager here at Threadless, she's always full of energy and has a very special way of telling me it's time to play kickball . . .

This is Bryan, Warehouse Manager, first threadless staff member I met in person.

This is Lance, he's the Warehouse Director, loves comics and also the main reason we started comics on tees.

Rachel Ray Gun
This is Rachel, She's the head of artist programs, she does all the artist tools/resources/events and also in charge of the artist policies & relations in general, she's an awesome painter, loves cats and the Simpsons Tapped Out Iphone game

This is Sean Dorgan, one of the photographers here at work, I dare you to challenge him at foosball.

This is Brock, The user experience director, He loves the Muppets and that lil guy is his super smart pup Bruce.

This is Joe, he's a designer here at Threadless, founder of Burger Club!

This is Nikki, she's one of the photographers here at work, she likes heavy metal and snowboarding, oh and that lil guy is her dog Bandit.

This is Ross and his dog Red, He's the product/creative director here at Threadless, he really really likes Panda Express

This is Adam aka the wedge! he is the Product development/wholesale operations manager here at work, he's good at cheating when he plays basketball.

This is Jake, founder of threadless, if it wasnt for this dude I would still be sitting in my old cubical, he also has a pretty fresh knee slide.

This is Sean Donohue, he is the creative director here at Threadless, plays hockey, and umm My boss can beat up your boss!

This is Glenn, he designs a lot of the stuff you guys see on the website, he hates the Milwaukee Bucks, and he can make a basket in his sleep.

This is Betsy, she writes a lot of words for work, she also told me not to mention how mean she is, so instead I'll mention that she's really good at speaking french.

This is Craig, he does all the videos here at work, he once hit me on the face with a basketball on accident. :(

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not enough adam's apple.

dhendy profile pic Staff

Oh man. I hope this series can include previous coworkers as well. :)

pilihp profile pic Alumni

not enough height.

cshimala profile pic Staff

All other illustrations will be 350 pixels tall instead of my 500 pixels

soloyo profile pic Alumni

he is super tall or maybe I am just super short

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

hahahaha noice

reags profile pic Alumni

showerclean on Apr 11 '12 at 4:34pm this is rad.


Rad!! :D he is tall

dudeowl profile pic Alumni

haha rad


haha cool dude!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

now it looks like more like him

soloyo profile pic Alumni

now it looks more like him


I was afraid to click on this post. I thought Alex was airing our dirty laundry to get back at us for all the pranks he's had to endure.


betsym on Apr 11 '12 at 3:37pm not enough adam's apple.

skaw profile pic Staff

we should turn all these into desk name plates and everyone gets one on their desk.

cshimala profile pic Staff

Vinyl Toys!


Awesome portrait!!!!


I would say draw me but i'm afraid.


Tough guy draw what he want.


alex makes ALL the girls fat... in the UTERUS!


new meaning for threadwars


Betsy tight-rolls her jeans The more you know.

uncannyxjen profile pic Alumni

I wear my socks pulled up to my pants like that. I try to have them be yellow though.

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