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Hey all! This is one I have been wanting to do for a while (since I had the idea for the Tardis tee. It's the same style and idea as this one, but more doctor who oriented. rnrnThis is a white tee with two colors: black and red. anyhow, please rate and comment (on both designs), I'd love to know what you think!rnrn


Very cool. You could make a whole collection of geek tees all in your own style. Love it!


Cool design! What about another tee colour?


Nice placing. good and simple. perhaps some shadoes highlights? but otherwise looks good.


really like the drawing style :) Maybe the left wings' lines should be thicker :)


I am fascinated by the design and my son star's fan wars ... I do not even say to you! dear friend... ... Let me know if you give me a hand to spread my design, thanks


I realy like this consept, cool


Thanks for your critique! This looks great, the doodle style is amazing. I'd like to see how it looks scaled down a bit on the tee.

I've submitted a 2nd version: which way?


I really like this design. And I think it works very well at this scale.

Leo Canham
Leo Canham profile pic Alumni

cool design. As said before, maybe add a couple of shading lines to bring it out a little more. love the placement and darth vader model!

Paper Bag Tees

I'd do it a tad smaller, just so you can really see the wings!


Here's the new version! I added a few lines to make the shape a little easier to see - and I fiddled around with some shading, but it's just not the right style. This is supposed to be flat and cartoony, like it's hand drawn. I also included previews for a couple of different colors of shirt, so you can see what it looks like. Let me know what you think of the different colors! (white, silver, and slate are the colors pictured here) Thanks!

S.B. Smiley

It looks great! I love the different colors.


I like your art. I'm not sure if it's going to be enough to stand out in the sea of star wars submissions that get put in, but the quality of the art is good.

Could you vote on my design? Kikuchiyo


I really like the rough-edge style! The grey tees look best to me. Looks good. Thanks for your comment earlier!


A beautiful concept. If it is up to me i would make it more realistic with defined line work and color. Also you could increase the angle between the x shape and give it more of X shape.

score and comment please The Rider The Last Lions


I'm also thinking of doing a version that is just a little smaller so you can see the left wings a little better. Let me know what you think!


I feel the concept has potential. You should definitely could add more details to it by adding a cosmic background and stuff. As of now it is too simple. This concept calls for details is what i feel.


Submit it, you have my 5point vote


I like it, maybe some effects in the background... space, darkness receeding, nebula style colors, explosions or near misses.. Nice style.


I like the gray one the best I think.


Love the simplistic drawn feel of it. The only critique I can think of for this design would be to change something so the wings dont get cut off but you already thought of that. good work. keep it up

hate to be that guy but check out my design! http://www.threadless.com/critique/101220/Like_a_Boss


nicely done !


This is really well done the only thing I would look at is the bottom left wing needs another line or something like that. Great work

If you get a chance I'd really appreciate your vote on my designs Deep Sea Suit Up


I love the additions! They help define the shape without changing the style of the art. And I agree that the light grey is the best color of the three.

I don't think you need to add anything; I love how simplistic it is.

I also would like to see it a bit smaller, as you suggested, so we can see more the the X-Wing's x-wings!

You have a 5$ from me when this is up.

And don't forget, my design is up for voting here! Gallifreyan Humor


I'd like maybe a black version also... i think it's pretty cool.

I'd appreciate your comments also... thanks


new version coming soon. comments, please!


Cool!! like it the way it is...

Gemini Grimjoy

Cant go wrong with an X wingII would have it on the slate shirt

Lena Dir

pretty cool submit it :)


Love the sketchy style. I think you're right to scale it down a bit to get the wing shown better. Have you tried the design on black? I think that would make the design stand out better.

Please - if you have a moment, I would really appreciate your critique on my latest design, thanks: Buttons the Invincible


Yes need to scale down i love the drawing style but fit your design so we can see your great work! Also tough love and slate and SIlver design but either one you pic will do Great!

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Hey all! thank you all very much for your suggestions. I was not too keen on some of the suggested changes, but I tried them out to see how I liked them. First off I changed the size to be a bit smaller, then it needed something because the design is a bit off balance (semi-intentionally) so I put in the background (quite a process, I must say) and with that detail, shading became completely necessary! so here it is, after much work; a design I can be proud of. I hope you like it! comments, please, suggestions, of course, are also always welcome. While you're at it, please, see rate and comment on my other designs! Pluto: What Really Happened(new version) and Tardis Blue(suggestions, please!)

S.B. Smiley

OH MY GOSH! I love it!! The blue you added is genius and it looks great!


Much better, Charcoal looks the best :)


AWESOME!!! just submit it this way... U have my 5!!


cool effect i like the back drop to it. $5!


I love the colors that were added to the background, it makes the ship POP more. Most of all, I really like the hand drawn quality of it. I say submit

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