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I had another critique submission similar to this but I wanted to change the name so I've made a new one. Which shirt do you like better? Any suggestions? Thank you for your time.


I'd go with the plain white. The maze is kinda cool but too busy for my taste. Overall a great design, though. Great typography :)

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Thanks! I think I'll definitely go with the white one.


Go with the plain white. The maze hurts my head!


the one without the pattern is the way to go it is a lot cleaner concept. Great work and thanks for the critique


Don't know if you are still watching this critique but if you get a chance I'd love your vote on my designs:

Suit Up Deep Sea


Does anyone have any critiques? I definitely know I am doing white, but what else needs to be fixed? Thanks!


This is my new version. I chose the white version over the trippin' maze one. Please critique and also hit the buttons so I can tell if you like it or not. Thank you for your time!


I think that this version just brilliant!


Hurts My eyes a little but its a sharp design :)


great... Ready to sub.....

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WOW! This looks really cool!

How do you get this printed on the bottom of the shirt, Montezuma? (Sorry, I'm new here :)

So far I only saw templates that lets you upload to a rectangle on the shirts chest.

Good Luck to you :-)


I agree does hurt your eyes a bit, but that is not the point. It's good as is, maybe you could extend the lines up the shirt then fade out??? Looks great anyway. Good luck :)


maybe you could try how it looks without the black spaces between "the" and "lines". also i like the idea of erica25, to let the lines fade out.


Cool design...i think you've to submit it :) I like the black and white effect and the style of letters.

If you have time look at the new version of my critique "Still on Time..." Thank you!


Looks really good

Comments/votes appreciated See No Evil Critique on new design if you can aswell please Bad Egg


I think it's almost ready,but the only thing I would add to it, is lines, so the first thing you'd see would be that (the lines) 'til you go to the end of the tee and read the actual text :)

can you tell me what you think?


Ready to submit, sharp and simple, great stuff

If you have time please check out my latest Design


cool. I think it's ready to go :) The text is just legible enough to make it awesome :) I say submit it!

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