T-rex fail

Watch this

Things that poor T-rex can't do... rnTell me what u think


i didn't understand what was going on till i read the word bubble so i think its a good idea. But honestly dinosaurs can't talk so shouldn't it be a thought bubble haha?

man of consequence

Lol I like it, nice idea! I would fix the eye and the tear drop. Both should have some glare/reflection to them since they're both wet. The pupil is also kind of odd, I think you should try a different color. Lastly, and don't hate me but I think you should think of a different name for the design.. The current one fits, but I think it could be better. Great job though overall! Best of luck to you!


Cute and funny! I like the one with more shadows. If you add some pink colour to the eye it maybe will pop out more, like when you cry and your eyes got a reddish colour.

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Love the idea of this design. T-rex fails are always funny. I agree that the handles on the jump rope would make it clearer what it is. Also the eye could use some more expression right now it's not really looking at anything. Maybe you could try making it look towards the rope or even at the viewer of the shirt. Overall great work though, keep it up!

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Seashell Eyes

I would move his arms back a little, make him look at the rope, and make the shadow under him a solid color. Cute!

Aaron Bullen

Love it. I feel like maybe some txt would help (i don't know thats always a 50/50 thing) also i would lose some of the lines by the nostril when i noticed it i was a little thrown and my eye kept going back. love the concept though.


The shadows on his body could be a little smoother. I like his expression :)


Thanks for the crit, i will be back with improvments :P


with softer shadows on the body, solid shadow on the "ground" and eye expresion

man of consequence

Looks great!! Have you tried getting rid of the tear all together and keeping the surprised look? I was just thinking about, not sure if it would look good but maybe him being surprised rather than sad would be more appealing. It's your design, do what you want, just my thoughts.


I would say go with the sad version. It kind of has that "awww..." quality about it. I'd really appreaciate your vote and comment on my submission.


Thanks for your comment:) I'd try the surprise version...i think it would be more funny when he just realizes that...ah, oops!! eh? I think when he is sad, he is just sad... and maybe cute, but not as funny. Id also try to make him more obviously surprised.. maybe show movement with the hands trying to get it ..ah.... yeah....not? :) hope that helps...i love it. ps. the shadow looks much darker since the first version.


Thanks for your thoughts on my critique. It is up for voting now if you wouldn't mind helping me out. Thanks!

Suit Up Deep Sea


I would say I like sad better. Great idea. Personaly I would get rid of the shadow underneath the dino, making it more like a cartoon then an animation. I Always prefer the simplistic designs.


Combination between sad and surprised... and improvement to do?


this is the better one. nice design!


Poor T-Rex. :( Maybe you could try adding more shadows to the neck/face/leg region, and to Rexy's left-most toe, that's completely unshadowed? It looks a little flat otherwise. Cool idea though :)

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Nice! I like a lot, maybe you can make a bite cuteness the eyes of T-rex.


you must submit this. i am sure that it will be printed. I'd be happy if you score my design: Small Talk


Honestly, it's a good concept. However, the t-rex's thin wrinkle lines are not smooth. His eye could be redone and made cleaner. The outline of the jump rope need to be thicker, like the t-rex's, so the design is consistent. It's very hard to make shadowing look good on designs, especially threadless designs since you have limited colors. It ends up the more simpler the design is, the better. So maybe try to eliminate all shadows if possible? I'm not sure how it would look, but maybe try it out.

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