Indefinite Uncertainty

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Paper Bag Tees

Where to? What next? Unleash all the critiques! Thanks!

Paper Bag Tees

No critiques unleashed! I summon all ye critiques!

Paper Bag Tees

I made it all around dynamic... er. Fire away!


v2 is a definite improvement, although I'm not sure about the belt.

But I'm afraid I don't get the reference, if there is one... what's the concept?


greattt!!!! maybe put more detail in the buckle . loving it !!!

Paper Bag Tees

Well, the concept is making yourself a part of a comic. I'm thinking of adding halftone dots to the whole front of the shirt.


Oh, yes, the smaller design looks much better! And I like the addition of the belt - very comic book-ish! :) it's pretty amazing, and I say submit it. You'll get a 5 from me! (also, I'd wear it :D)

Please, rate and comment X-Wing


I love the concept. I'm not sure of the choice of text to reflect "comic book" Although the font and bubble are spot on! Fantastic choices there.

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