Look at these words. Look!

This first one is a collab with Bio-bot 9000

I'm going to get at least one more done before the deadline. But this time with my own words. They're probably not as smart.


Second one, a silly thing. Inspired by Australian comedy and big ass text tees from the '80s.

Watch this
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I'm so over achieving too.

spacesick profile pic Alumni

awesome morkki

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Hey cool guys being all cool and thanks. I have questions for you. Any strong feelings for a particular shirt color?

How about the two number one guys? They'd have stuff like maybe a briefcase or something in their hands. Are they too much or do they make the design better?


I prefer the original red color. And as for the 1's in the backgound I don't necessarily think they detract, but I also think I prefer the simplicity of just the zero. Love this by the way. Great slogan and art ;)


Didn't bump, so here's an extra bump

mike bautista
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They all look good. They fit the look. I side towards the red but maybe because it's the first one I saw. Just show the options in the presentation.

Bio-bot 9000
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I also like red best, with the blue a close second (maybe possible alternate).

myteemo profile pic Alumni

I love it on the red!

Bio-bot 9000
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Don't know if you got my last email, Morrkki but I think the single character would be the simplest, least confusing option, so that people don't read this as "101" or something.


Red or maroon, I think this looks fantastic!


Single zero character on the red. Great work!

Morkki profile pic Alumni

After careful deliberation (doing nothing) I subbed it. I take great pleasure in knowing that all the zeroes this'll get will be deeply ironic.

Now on to the next one

jaypaulo profile pic Alumni

Hahaha this is perfect! That's the spirit..


You should have subliminally hidden fives in the presentation so that people would subconsciously want to vote higher

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

This will print.

cartooner profile pic Alumni

this is awesome!! can't wait to vote and comment it up


Over achieving should have a higher score... damn those down voters!

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