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Hi guys,please critique this concept for me.


needs something more -for example a statement kind of thing wiheher visual or in weords would give it that something-I like your werewolf but may need to be clearer around bottom of mouth ps thanks for yer critique on mine


Good, but I think the greys can be darker Thanks for your comment!


Nice concept used here, but more effort needs to be put in pushing this idea of 'animal within' to the viewers. Yes, you can put scratch marks and even bite marks into the design, but try not to overdo it.

Ryan Palaschak

i like it i think maybe if a claw was coming through the rips it wouldnt look so much like there is a random rip and more like the werewolf tore through it


Beautiful design. I would try a different placement - place it on the lower part of the tee closer to the side. This way the wolf "tears out" of the body in a more natural fashion.

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