I do not see how we as a society have not collapsed in on ourselves.
With people acting the way they do, I honestly don't know why we aren't all dead.

Watch this

Damnit Morkki, why can't you just have a heart.

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We will all be death eventually, it's just a matter of time


Hi Renee!


Dammit morkki

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Jeez I mean really. Like you never jeopardized the very existence of mankind

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We have it pretty bad here in America

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Not that I know anything whatsoever about your specific situation. Hopefully you're well.


Morkki? more like Dorkki

Bio-bot 9000
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only 9 more months to go. hang in there. There being the end of the world or maybe the beginning of a new world which was waiting to be found all along.

The new world is inside all of us.

The new world is hemoglobin.


The world will never end.....Just mankind will.

But there's always a light at the end of the tunnel, unless you didn't pay your electric bill then in that case your just screwed.

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I'll make everything better by quoting Linkin Park lyrics

because true feels


Ugh I dreamt someone was playing Linkin Park in the distance so all you could really hear is the bass but you just know it's Linkin Park and it shit me trying to work out what song it was. It was one of those ones that got mashed up with Jay-Z. Possibly it was one of those things where real life sounds seep into your dream so someone was probably actually playing Linkin Park this morning.

I'm blaming Morkki.


because hemoglobin

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