One second...

Put your dukes up

my wip for the 4 words comp....

whatcha think? oh yeah! wanna fight about it punk..

Watch this

HAHA! Awesome!




you're 28.28

Johnny Baboon

yeah but i'm slightly older than that now

Bio-bot 9000

In my mind, the more common expression is "Put up your dukes". I dunno if its a regional thing. Maybe a survey?

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I'm down with "put your dukes up", nice work!

Johnny Baboon

Thx. Yeah I think put up y

Johnny Baboon

Thx. Yeah I think put up your dukes is more common. But Put your dukes up works much better for the composition. Is it a big deal?


i'm used to "put up your dukes" but, i think it works here due to artistic flare. right?

Johnny Baboon

Thx. I'll probably just sub it as is. I don't have time to rework it.


cool. good luck!


Yeah, I was going to say "put up your dukes" is more natural for me, but whatever, I'm dumb. Great job, man.

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