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Hi guys,am trying to illustrate people travelling from hell to heaven by the means of a clock.rnCould you please help me with this illustration,am blocked off this time.rnYour tips and helps are the most welcomed..Thank you in advance


I like the colors in your representations of heaven and hell. The concept of the clock is interesting. I would suggest placing the figure in the clock on the clock hand to emphasize that he is being moved by time. I would also move the staircase to the left so it ends on the right in the clouds to show that they lead to heaven. It is a little vague leading off the tea, although I do like that you have the design running of the side. Good start - keep at it!

Please, if you have a moment I have a submission up for scoring and would welcome your vote – thank you.


Thanks morayven,you're absolutely right,I'll pay attention to all your critiques.Good luck for your Design.


I agree with above I think you have a good idea here just needs to be tweaked a little. The color choices very nicely represent heaven and hell but the clock to me seems a bit out of place. Maybe if you integrate it into the design more it will work better. Motion lines on the guy stuck on the clock would help speak to your concept. Good start

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