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I would like to see this design stone washed on a light shirt, but wither way I don't mind.


The colors and design are both so beautiful! I'm not sure how it'd look in the end, but I almost wish it were off-center, or maybe a bit thinner, or both.


Strong, fun concept and great color choices. I think it's there or nearly there. My only suggestion would be to rethink the bottom. The jagged, irregular shape of the mountain silhouettes distracts from the design since all of the other shapes are so perfect and clean. Have you considered taking the design all the way off the bottom of the shirt similar to what you've done at the collar? Great start!

Please, if you have a moment I have a submission up for scoring and would welcome your vote – thank you.


Cool idea and very well done! :) I think the jagged edge looks cool, but it may not fit the style here as well as it could. You could make it look like the sillouette of a mountain range if you really want to keep it. Otherwise, maybe see what it looks like going all the way to the bottom. The thing that gets me is the neck. I like you're trying to push boundaries of traditional tee shirt printing, but it kinda looks like a bib to me. I think you could maybe try off-centering it, or start if out with a line at the top below the neck. Those are just my opinions, though! Good luck!


i think for the bottom part, if u cud insert some of the shapes that have already landed, it wud look nicer instead of the jagged edge u currently have.. apart from that its a fun and neat idea:)


agree with dannyshook's suggestion. One or two almost formed rows at the bottom would certainly add to the design.

Would be great if you could vote for my design here. its on its last day of scoring. Thanks


I would say you need a plane at the top and I agree with some of the above comments the placement makes it look like a bib. I would make it narrower and move it over to the right.

My design is kind of in the same vein you should check it out Please vote for my design if you get a chance. Thanks!


Yeah! I really like the idea of the rows of blocks at the bottom. Forget the mountain thing.


Great concept so far. It might be nice if the width of the purple column was a little wider, perhaps at the top and then taper it in a bit towards the bottom, or just make it wider in general. Really like it though so far.

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the edge is too sharp. maybe make it look like it is fading. try to use brush strokes/splatter style for the edges.

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