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Not much to say :)rnrnmade this yesterday, wanted your opinion!rnrnPlease comment and suggest what i can improve :)


Let me give you a suggestion on conduct. It is perfectly fine to give someone a critique and give them a link to do the same for you but it is not okay to post the exact same thing on everyone's page and still expect helpful critiques. If you want constructive criticism you need to give it in return.

That being said I will give you some advice about your design. For me the red doesn't read well with the Jesus character because it is too close to the skin color. I would try it on a light blue shirt or something similar so that it has the best readability. Also I would make the resurrect button/menu larger so it is easier to read. To do that you could scale down your Jesus figure and enlarge the menu.

I hope this was helpful and I am sorry if my previous comments seemed rude or harsh I just wanted you to know that you would have more success if you gave helpful critiques instead of just spamming the designs


Works better with blue or grey ooor?

Downscaled jesus a little and made the right-click-box bigger.

Is it okay with jesus a little to the left and the box near to the center?

Sorry for the spamming, will not happen again :)


Cool idea. I would suggest you to do a free hand drawing. At the scale at which you have mentioned. It will appear just a patch of color in real size is my feeling. Plus you can actually make the artwork more appealing by doing so.

could you score this please? free advice


I got the problem that i am not the world best artist, i am working on my drawing skills at the moment, so this is kinda my only option :) by doing it computer-wise :)

Scored it $5 loved it btw :) ^^


Nice concept. I'd like to see funnier items on the menu along with resurrect.

When you have the time, could you score my design please?

Darwin; Endless forms


Yep, the idea is great think of other things you could add to the right click menu.


I like the idea not sure if I'm a fan of the right click menu. When I see this, I think of a "continue or quit" underneath the jesus

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