We're removing 40,000 t-shirts from our inventory today

  • by skaw
  • posted Mar 21, 2012

Late last year we discovered that one of our suppliers was manufacturing blank t-shirts that were not up to our standards. We immediately stopped printing on those garments and ramped up our production on a much higher quality blank tee.

We have been working to figure out what to do with the affected inventory (it had been placed in our clearance section). Yesterday we discovered there are 40,000 affected units in our current inventory. Today we have made the decision to completely pull those down off our site and out of our warehouse.

Going forward, rest assured that creating a high quality product is a top priority for us. You only deserve the best! In addition to the better blank we are currently printing on, we are also working to produce a Threadless custom tee with our own fabric weight and cut specifications as well as a rigorous quality control process. Expect more news on that in the coming months.

If you've had issues with our t-shirt quality in the past and are skeptical about giving us another try, we'd love to prove it to you by involving you in the development of our custom tee. The first 5,000 people to sign up here will receive one for free when it's time to share.

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cartooner profile pic Alumni

I love the shirts, so it is tempting to sign up and get a free one. But, I can honestly say that I haven't had quality issues beyond the few that seem to come with any of the graphic tees I own, so I will leave it to the unsatisfied customers. Way to spread the love Threadless! $5. Maybe make a ton of sweet pillows with the 40k shirts? My mom makes some pretty sweet pillows out of old shirts warn down t-shirts, just a thought, haha.


Not going to lie, I love this idea. I've gotten a few shirts in the past that lose the hemming after one wash, if it wasn't already gone when I received it. But, it didn't stop me from buying or wearing the shirts. I could always tell the difference between a good and bad shirt from Threadless, though. "Defend the Kingdom" came on a good shirt, the quality on "Dead Sucker" was amazing, but I'm sad to say one of the first shirts I bought, "Mermaid, It's What's For Dinner", was one of the aforementioned shirts to have bad hemming was mostly gone after the pre-first-wear washing. Again, it never stopped me from buying a shirt, and I still wear "Mermaid, It's What's for Dinner." Note, these aren't the only three I've purchased and the quality didn't necessarily increase with Threadless' age (see the Tee shirt numbers below), just the first three that came to mind when thinking of the quality. I was always heartbroken when I got a bad shirt, though, as I (at first) incorrectly believed I could date their demise. The shirts mentioned: http://www.threadless.com/product/847/Defend_The_Kingdom http://www.threadless.com/product/911/Dead_Sucker (I guess it was reprinted, I have it on tan.) http://www.threadless.com/product/431/Mermaid_It_s_What_s_for_Dinner

briancook profile pic Alumni

I too have probably purchased 250-300 shirts from you guys. The shrinking up, problem (so the shirt becomes too short on my torso) is the most common issue I've had. I can't dry any of my Threadless shirts because of it, which is obviously not ideal. I've had to donate two Select shirts (that SERIOUSLY shrunk) to my wife (who is teeny!) because they shrank so much.

How does a shirt go from fitting a guy Large to a girly XS? Of course it was the same shirt that I re-bought that she accidentally shrunk twice :(

Signed up and would be really excited to help you guys out.

Ai chiL

♥ Yeah support the idea 100% :)) thank you muah!


After spending $300 at Threadless my last two orders were horrible. I'm done. You should have pulled your poor quality shirts much sooner.


I can understand how its annoying but their working to fix the problem and they offer to fix it for you.

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

I just gotta mention, I don't see why some people have problems with threadless shirts, I guess some people could get some bad orders. But I have order ALOT of threadless shirts over the year, and I LOVE every shirt I have gotten and is one of the better quality shirts I own. But it could also be because I really like most of the designs on this site also. Though with my white shirts I only have a problem with the see through issue but that's about it. :)

Michael Sng

I wish I saw this before I ordered. I have just ordered the Dead Sucker shirt and it is a good 3" longer than other shirts I made in the same size.


The customer service email guy, John, did NOT forward me to this post, and gave me a canned email reply which is probably outdated given the information here. John's email mentioned that they would be moving all their designs to this manufacturer by early this year (which is how I knew it was canned).

I do not know how I should proceed. Are all the shirts printed with this design too long? Should I return it for one of the same size? Should I return it for one of another size? How do we tell on the website which shirts are by this manufacturer and which is not?


this is super good news! high 5 to quality control and high standards!

azyura profile pic Alumni

omg! great!

opippi profile pic Alumni

MASSA. This is reallyy awesome guys. I'd just say that since my last purchase it came several different modeling. I appreciate the concern in always doing the best for the threadless's users. MASSA. :)


it there going to be a cost for these shirts begin sent to us? and will we have to send the products we make BACK,or can we keep them?

..because this is AMAZING! i knew that i liked this site,but goes above and beyond what i hoped!


Nice to read that you are looking at quality again.

Unfortunately you sold this crap the last year. My last 2 orders were really disappointing. Maybe I will try again in the future, but at the moment you lost me as a cüsomer.

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

Whee :) I've had issues with a few tees, but most of the stuff I bought was pretty good. That said, yay freebies!! :)

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

That said I just made two big orders, are they going to be ok? worried

sarah_bwmn profile pic Staff

@celandinestern if you aren't happy with your most recent order, just email us over at service@threadless.com and we can definitely take a look at it.


This post is a bit old but I'm glad to have found that Threadless noticed this problem and is getting their act together. I bought a bunch of tees late last year and the quality was simply atrocious. Made of thin fabric, easy to deform (neckline) and shrink, most of them degraded quickly and I don't wear them any longer. Very disappointing. It made me wish for when Threadless printed on American Apparel - the fit was good and the fabric was so much better. My 2-year old AA Threadless tees are still holding strong!

briancook profile pic Alumni

BUMMED! I signed up, but never got the free tee email! :(

I'm pretty sure I made the first 5,000 cause I never got the "aw shucks" message....

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