We're removing 40,000 t-shirts from our inventory today

  • by skaw
  • posted Mar 21, 2012

Late last year we discovered that one of our suppliers was manufacturing blank t-shirts that were not up to our standards. We immediately stopped printing on those garments and ramped up our production on a much higher quality blank tee.

We have been working to figure out what to do with the affected inventory (it had been placed in our clearance section). Yesterday we discovered there are 40,000 affected units in our current inventory. Today we have made the decision to completely pull those down off our site and out of our warehouse.

Going forward, rest assured that creating a high quality product is a top priority for us. You only deserve the best! In addition to the better blank we are currently printing on, we are also working to produce a Threadless custom tee with our own fabric weight and cut specifications as well as a rigorous quality control process. Expect more news on that in the coming months.

If you've had issues with our t-shirt quality in the past and are skeptical about giving us another try, we'd love to prove it to you by involving you in the development of our custom tee. The first 5,000 people to sign up here will receive one for free when it's time to share.

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jeffreyg profile pic Alumni


spacesick profile pic Alumni

wowzas! do you have plans for the pulled products? donating them or something? that's a lot of shirts

skaw profile pic Staff

@spacesick yea we have things planned for them, one of which might be really exciting :)

soloyo profile pic Alumni

authorspacesickdateon Mar 21, 2012timeat 14:01:37wowzas! do you have plans for the pulled products? donating them or something? that's a lot of shirts


just kidding, I see a super sale in the near future


Really great that decided to have a better tee. Buying more shirts for sure!


Hot air balloon.

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Oh dear, there goes my first print. Haha, nevermind, I'm excited to be excited about Threadless shirts again! You should make a giant quilt out of them.

Lahar profile pic Alumni

Is the really exciting thing planned a ginormous patchwork rainbow flag for this year's Pride?


golfclap wise decision

It sounds like a significant hit, but its what needed to be done and will payoff in the long run. Now people won't have to guess and then send stuff back when they guess wrong. Great job guys.


I'll wear anything that's free! Whadaya say, Threadless? Bwahahaha!

Most of my Threadless shirts have come on tees that don't fit me well or otherwise don't look as nice as the photos, but the next-to-most recent one I bought is spot-on! Yay!

JacquesMaes profile pic Alumni

Exciting news, especially if the the custom Threadless tee will be just as awesome as the threadless hoody!


Mega shirt donation?

soloyo profile pic Alumni

skawdateon Mar 21, 2012timeat 14:09:47@soloyo - we definitely won't be selling them

  • throws magic 8 ball in the garbage can*

This does sound interesting. Its nice to hear they are concerned with the shirt quality.


Guinness Book of World Record Most Gargantuan Quilt!


So glad about this.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i love you threadless

dhendy profile pic Staff

I want to Like Betsy's comment. :)


Damn. I caught this late -- hope I made the first 5K


whoaaaa! sleeve to sleeve across america!!!

Torakamikaze profile pic Alumni

I hope there's a video posted of Jake singing Lou Bega's "Mambo #5" with the lyrics cleverly changed to the titles of the 40,000 shirts. Alex will dance to it, while Joe and Rachel play the part of the tshirts. Ross will be there to look so good.


also, interested in hearing the plans you have for these 40K! if you need any help, i can surely distribute them to needy organizations out here!

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Nice work Threadless, you should stitch them together into a giant marquee and have a slumber party.

ilyya profile pic Alumni

I've always felt the mediums were too big on me, even though I've bought mediums from other companies and they were good. This is a great opportunity to try a small with no risk involved.

If I could give a suggestion though, it would help greatly if the shirt size that the models are wearing in the picture were made available some how. Those models probably represent the average shopper and it would help in ordering the right size.

hogboy profile pic Alumni

This makes me happy. I'd all but stopped sourcing shirts from Tless due to the 1 wash lifespan of my recent shirts, which is a bummer because I still rate this place as having the best range of graphics of any online shirt store.

Theres about 5 graphics I'd absolutely die to have reprinted on a real high quality shirt that doesn't die after one wash.


I myself am buying lots of vegan marshmallows for the giant tee bonfire from dan reed.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

Great, this morning I has So Fresh and so Clean by outkast stuck in my head, now it's Mambo #5.


Clothe the whales!


This is awesome to hear, the last shirt I bought was really disappointing it was SOO thin, glad to see they care about this!

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

i can't wait to see the awesome things that will happen with all these shirts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm glad Threadless finally admitted to this. The (1-2)yr old shirts I own are far better quality than any new shirts I've bought. I haven't bought any in a while because of this.


You guys are awesome, I'm so glad you're having another look at this.

iamrobman profile pic Alumni

woooh!!sounds great!and nice to hear those 40k shirts will go somewhere...I think I need a clue..


I am beginning to find that some of my threadless shirts are losing their quality, but the cheap price and amazing designs always bring me back. Plus being in the UK not many people have these shirts so its like they're unique!


im so happy to hear this! i was really disappointed when i received my last shipment of shirts that didnt last very long the quality was just terrible , shirts that i ordered last year still look and feel great compared to the tees i ordered a couple months ago.

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