One second...

I've got 4 words for you!

Work with me please! I'll just post them here, just let me know in here or send me an email

Words: Worth .001 pictures

Today looked better yesterday

Bacon makes it better

More to come...

That last one isn't a slogan but there is more to come.

Watch this
Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

Don't stop dry heaving.


don't stop bell evening

Retroludo profile pic Alumni

That words one is a keeper!

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

Thank you. That's from my slogan "words are worth .001 pictures" I tried to get it in the 3 words by putting words = .001 pictures but never could get a designer. Hoping for better luck this time around.

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

Wow every designer was quietly thinking that, at least you had the balls to come out and say it.

Seriously though I know it would possibly run the risk of copyright stuff, but what about Where's the Beer? In the Where's the Beef font.

nintechno profile pic Alumni

we'll get 'em. and my blog doesn't like bumping either.

I'm a balloon animal.

cartooner profile pic Alumni

rossmat8 I will totally take you up on the "Where's the Beer" idea. Will have some design time tomorrow and could email you a proof. If copyright deny's it, atleast we gave it a shot.

What's your contact info?

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

my email address is

Thanks a lot man if copyrights let it slide I think people will like it.

cartooner profile pic Alumni

Same! I will shoot you an email now, just to figure things out! And who knows, maybe we an do something else together someday (whether this gets accepted or not)


voted your slogans funny man!


not a problem! but i bet you'll appreciate it more when they start printing type tees again...this new site layout needs to be launched already, too much talk and hype, they need to just do it like nike!

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

Yeah I can't wait for the redesign. I think it will result in not only more typetees but better ones.


oh yeah, every year threadless, the artists, and the sloganeers keep raising the bar...this is a very impressive community, no doubt!

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