Do the hoodies shrink in the wash as much as the t-shirts do?

I don't own an AA hoodie (yet).
The t shirts shrink a whole size (especially if you put them in the dryer). What about the hoodies?

Watch this

i dont know about a whole size, but yes, they do shrink a little


If the hoodies are made of the same material as the shirts, then they probably will shrink as much. Just to be on the safe side, I never ever put my Threadless tees in the dryer!


Whole size ? So you are washing them on 95°C and than put them in dryer on max. setting ? I wash mine on 30°C and let them dry on line and they didn't shrunk at all (also, don't spin-dry them too much, 900 rpm is max what those tees can handle)

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