virginia voted "YES" for amendment one

silly virginia

we have amended our states bill of rights now stating... "marriage is between a man and a woman... blah blah... heterosexual couples... blah blah... anything that breaks the sanctity of marriage... blah blah"

way to go va...
whatevs... one day i ll be able to marry.. and get the same benefits as anyone else...

love is love is love
parents=loving caretakers

against same sex marriage? dont get one... thanks

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ladykat profile pic Alumni

argh, that's so stupid.

stupid stupid stupid.

god, even SPAIN allows same-sex marriages!


one day we ll learn... im not terribly worried about it


it affects my bro, but not me. I was hoping it would not be passed, but mainly because I'm tired of the protests.

anyhoo, at least missouri will pass the stem cell research thingy.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

another reason why i hate people.


its sad... i need to finish college and move out of virginia


even though i don't necessarily agree with same sex marriages, you would hate to speak with my in-laws... note to self: don't bring up homosexual relationships with my husbands 88 yr. old grandmother...


i just dont understand why we cant get the same benefits as the rest... it has nothing to do with others marriages


I don't get why anyone is so opposed to it.

why make a big deal out of people wanting to get married?


exactly... its not someone elses choice as to who people can marry

im just a little bummed out


i can see it from both sides...


haha i just read that article... haha its funny... i dont kno if i fully agree


ok maybe somewhat


not so much cause i'm in favor of gay marriage exactly... but i think they should be allowed to enter into something that is exactly like marriage (legally speaking but called something else.... )

mainly because GAY DIVORCE would be hilarious.... get a couple of melodramatic "queens" that have had a falling out.... oh man ... now that is entertainment.


hahaha i completely agree... although not all gays are "queens." i consider myself non flamboyant.. (no lisp...) im not fabulous... uhh im not attracted to that

but i totally agree.. i would love to see gay divorce

sonmi profile pic Alumni

wisconsin banned same sex marriage with this election too. laaaame.


fair enough ttoille.... i didn't mean to imply all gays are "queens"

but a "queen" gay divorce would be EPIC


i agree gree

"whatev" somewhat offends me


i guess i do understand if say a homosexual couple has been together for say 20 years and one passes away, i'm not sure how their finances are worked out compared to a legally married hetero couple- but i don't consider myself ignorant for believing what i do..

Cactus Pirate Jr.
Cactus Pirate Jr. profile pic Alumni

I just realized that your threadless name is your real name backwards.

I was trying so hard to figure out what it meant.

Carry on...


i believe that the survivor is about "fucked" if they do not have a very well spelled out will

and even then something like survivor benefits for the spouse wouldn't apply .... for example my Grandma has been getting military pension benifits for many years after my Grandfather passed away.


hahaha thanks

oh and im not saying that you shouldnt believe what you do kayla... just stick to "your" beliefs.... and dont make them other peoples new way of life...

honestly its not fair... if your against it... dont get one... same sex marriages arent asking heterosexual couples to break up and not get married... they just want equality... thats what this country stands for... (even though i disagree) and its quite offending to see the amendment in our bill of rights... actually its disgusting


i can't say i "empathize" j/bc i have not been in your situation, but i'm somewhere in the middle on this issue is all i'm saying


i understand.. sorry bout that.. i didnt mean to aim that comment towards you


no, i'm not offended- i'm just glad to have a civil conversation about this b/c it usually ends up heated and on the verge of violent ;)


true true... that never gets anywhere... but silly


so where are you from kayla ? and how was your day?


oh, virginia...
i'm pretty pissed too


This issue is a touchy one. But why shouldnt gay couples have the right to legally cement their relationship? In Australia our conservative Prime Minister is against it. But how things stand it gives no rights to either partner, its a load of crap. The western world is becomming very conservative and it scares the hell outta me.


:) Texas-yes, the south and my day was good. I'm actually in FL w/ my husband, flew in today to hang out w/ him while he's on travel. And yourself?


wisconsin did the same thing tonight -- pretty stupid


im in virginia (obviously) considered the south... day was nice... it was my friends bday.. and i dont have any projects due for a while


kicks the world sometimes I feel like we are moving backwards here.


i do kinda wish i had a gay friend... you know, like will and grace, they always had fun together...

Cactus Pirate Jr.
Cactus Pirate Jr. profile pic Alumni

Not all gay people are like Will and/or Grace.


i was a joke ::sarcasm doesn't translate in text::


I live in a very homophobic town, its getting better, but there are still few people that are 'out' publicly. It makes me well sad because it took my sister almost three years after she moved away from here to realise it was finally 'ok' for her to date girls.


haha yeah, my sister has lots of gay friends and they give me so much shit for watching queer eye for the straight guy and wil & grace :p I dont care about "misrepresentation"- its entertaining!

Cactus Pirate Jr.
Cactus Pirate Jr. profile pic Alumni

Yeah, I was playing around too. No worries.


ok good. i don't know about you but will and grace should have been called jack and karen - they were the funny ones Love Jack 2000


very frustrating. :( i guess the positive is that the amendment doesn't include civil unions and all rights within. one step at a time right?


"Only the homophobic men showed an increase in penile erection to male homosexual stimuli. "

Eh heh heh! (that's from Kayce's article).

That's awesome.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

I love this whole sanctity of marriage shit when the popular stat is that something like fifty-percent of marriages today end in divorce... I figure heterosexuals have had their time making a mockery of marriage, so why not give the homosexuals their stab at it?


Not to try and make a dime off of this or anything, but I've got a slogan up for voting: Virginia Is For HETEROSEXUAL Lovers. If it's printed, I'll donate my $100 cash to AIDS/HIV research (not a "gay disease", but a disease which all the same took a significant toll on the gay community in its early history, and so the gesture is symbolic), and my $100 GC will be placed up for grabs in a contest among Threadless's Bi, Gay, and Ally profiles.

This is not bullshit.


Isn't it ironic that some of the biggest opponents of gay marriage who are completely obsessed with it are closeted evangelicals in a state of denial and self say...Ted Haggard.


"I figure heterosexuals have had their time making a mockery of marriage, so why not give the homosexuals their stab at it?"

They already are.

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