I would do anything for laughs... but I won't do that.

Saturday night, my friend Lianna and I went to see the hilarious Demetri Martin, a comic who is best known for his short-lived correspondent stint on The Daily Show, as well as writing sketches for Late Night With Conan O'Brien.

The show was held at The Winter Gardens Theatre, which is located on the top level of The Elgin Theatre building. Since the building's sign read 'The Elgin & Winter Gardens Theatre', we mistook this to mean that the two theatres were one and the same, and proceeded to enter The Elgin theatre on the main floor.

Somehow, the two people who inspected our tickets failed to notice that we were walking into the wrong show and venue, and ushered us to the third row of the orchestra pit where our seats were located.

Onstage were three huge banners displaying Meat Loaf's Bat Out Of Hell I, II and III album covers, in addition to a full drum kit, guitars, keyboards and microphone stands. Demetri Martin often plays multiple instruments to accompany his joke telling, so I wasn't surprised to see the instruments onstage. The Meat Loaf banners, on the other hand, kind of threw me off.

At first, I was thinking that it might just part of some grandious opening gimmick. Then I looked around the audience and soon realized that we were among the youngest Demetri fans there. In fact, everyone at the show seemed to be well above their '40s.

Finally, Lianna remarked to the guy next to us, "There sure are a lot of Meat Loaf fans here," trying her best to conceal our obvious confusion.

"You think?" he replied sarcastically, chuckling to himself. We then realized we had made a grave mistake. Lianna then asked, "Uhhhh, is this a Meat Loaf concert?"

"Who were you expecting?" the guy replies, now looking equally as confused as us.

"Uhhh, I think we're in the wrong theatre," I quickly offered. We got up and immediately bolted for the door.

When we finally figured out how to get to the Winter Gardens theatre, the show was nearing its final half hour. Apparently, those Ticketmaster fuckers had accidentally printed the tickets for 8 p.m. instead of its intended 7 p.m. start time.

Despite the complications, the show exceeded my expectations and made me laugh even harder than the new Borat film, which we had seen just two hours prior.

That said, this experience will long be remembered as the one time I almost saw Meat fucking Loaf by accident when all I was looking for was a couple of laughs.

Check out Demetri Martin on YouTube if you ever get the chance. He's the thinking man's comic, which may sound pretentious or dull to some of you, but I think he's genius.

Watch this

That sucks that you missed some of the show but it makes for a great story!

And clever blog title!



sorry to laugh at your misfortune but that was funny!


Bah, I wouldn't blog about my misfortunes if I didn't expect people to laugh at them. My life is one Costanza-esque situation after another.

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