RIPOFF found

Watch this

this shirt was made before that product on that site.
they copied threadless.


and did a horrible job.

and charging $62.. nono


isn't it horrible? i was pissed off. it's such a bad ripoff too. ugh.


i contacted threadless last night after i found it; we'll see what happens...


it doesn't look stolen to me

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

I think the similarities in hand, the entire body placement and the heart make this much more than a simple coincidence.


inspired by?

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I'm not saying the other designer didn't draw this themselves, I'm just saying it is VERY obvious what they were looking at when they got the "idea"


threadless' response:

Thanks for letting us know about this. Unfortunately, they did not steal the design - they stole the idea, but we can't copyright an idea so there's no legal action we can take.

Have a wonderful day!

Monkey II
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It really isn't a original concept. But it's a cute concept.
I like the cartoony style of threadless.
I also dig the other design as well.

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This sort of thing happens alot, but then watered down versions usually look like dog dirt!


that baby outfit looks darn cute...hehe, but only the threadless version has nipplage.


think Bugs Bunny -The Abominable Snow Rabbit – 1961 -- Bugs and Daffy tunnel to Nepal, where they meet Hugo. Hugo wants to hug them and pet them and hold them and squeeze them and name them George.


Threadless version pwns all!


Hey There,
My name is Marlo. I am the co-owner of Psychobaby. I take great offence reguarding this accusation. For all of your information, this is not one of our Psychobaby Designs! It is from a company we no longer carry called Dirty Laundry. I highly recommend whoever designed this to take it up straight with them and leave our reputation alone! We are big fans of Threadless and all of you "original" designers out there. We hire gret young people all the time for our own "original" thoughts and have no need to steal.


it took you THAT long?


and you gave no last name so i assume its johansen. marlo johansen.


Sorry! I'm old and not really as cool as you all. 284 days is really quite impressive for me. I am, however, a little smarter with age and would recommend if your going to pick on someones livelihood, to get your facts straight first.


Oh, and it's Dargento.

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