I'm bringing piiiiickles.

One of my life's indulgences comes from the many hidden treasures I find outside my office every now and then.

From the tattered Cosby sweaters we find wrapped around our front gate to a mailbox full of flyers addressed to 'Robocop' (the tenant before us was a production studio that filmed the old Robocop TV series), the word "random" doesn't even do these delightful wonders justice.

Despite these bizarre findings, nothing could prepare me for what I discovered lying by our door this morning: a half full jar of dill fucking pickles.

Undoubtably, I was more than a little confused. While such an incident would leave most people asking themselves the 'who, what, when, where and why', here are my main concerns:

-When did a jarful of pickles become a popular recreational snack?
-If said item was truly delicious and snack-worthy, why would the owner merely eat a few of them, then abandon them by the doorway of a stranger's home?
-Am I to believe that this is, in fact, a gift from some kind of revolutionary snack crusader?
-And finally, would it be impolite to reject this supposed gift and not try at least one of these allegedly delicious pickles?

Well before I set off your gag reflex, I assure you that I did not help myself to a pickle. Instead, I merely moved them to the side of the door where they shall remain as a vivid reminder to my co-workers and I about this alarming new emergence of snack discrimination.

I urge you all to never reject a delicious pickle if one is ever offered your way.

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When I lived in Van Nuys CA, there is this Mid-East/Russian type deli...and they got the best pickles ever. Salty, small, with little vinegar taste. And fresh!!! They put the sliced wonders in these subs. Yum!


Pickles are a very popular recreational snack. You thought trying to wrestle meth of a hooker was tough, try taking one of her pickles.


Hookers wrestling for pickles-- I smell a sub idea!


i don't think you should have eaten that pickle


Man, that was an unfortunate typo. I did not eat the pickle, but if I did, I probably wouldn't admit to it. No, scratch that, I probably would.

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