Red bananas

I bought red bananas tonight. I've never had them before.

I hope they taste good...and red.

I'll give them a a day or two to make sure they're ripe.

I also bought mini snickers and chocolate caramel dove minis.


Does this look myspace enough with the unnecessary spaces in between thoughts?

I hope so.


Watch this

Sounds wonderful.

How's your story moving along?

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pretty well. i got about 10 more pages written today. working on it more now.

thanks for the help the other night. it was...helpful :-D


haha - you LIE.

but you're welcome. :)


green means "hold on"
yellow means "go ahead"
red means "where the hell did you get that banana at?"

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yup! they're bananas, i don't know if the actual fruit is red, but the peel is reddish. i'm excited.


i thought those were called plantains?
but then again... i'm not really all that brushed up on my exotic fruits...

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no, plantains are the huge green ones. they're more like potatoes than bananas. supposedly red bananas have a sort of raspberry-banana flavor. i'm excited.


raspberry and banana in one fruit!!!!
holey rusted metal batman... i need that!

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i'm sure i'll post a blog telling how it tastes. i hope the information i just read doesn't lie :-p


Passionfruit taste like lemons and cherries mixed.
Not sure if they were ripe or not though...

eh, Im going to go play Diablo

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