Just Give It Time... Or Am I Crazy?

I don't know what it is, but there's just something about this tee. When I first saw it I agreed with most of you (it's shit etc etc etc), but every time I look at it I like it a little more. I find myself coming back to the product page every time I visit Threadless, and I can't explain why. I think i'm gonna buy this.

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mini dukes III

Precisely. It's surely not attractive or (obviously) meaningful, but I just keep thinking about it.


its different yes, but i just cant get my head round why this was printed! it looks like shit




Yep, there's something about it: it's hideous.


Yeah...I don't know what is up with these 'fridays' tees....they all seem to be less than sucking


i'm indifferent on this one. i'd like to see some gallery pics though... just to get a taste of how it looks on different people.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I think those that keep looking at it as hideous are probably lacking much thought on the subject. This isn't "cookies love milk".

I think the design in this case is particularly well done for an abstract piece, and well done for them doing some new and fresh work.

That said it would have been nice if they had of done 1 of their weeks in a more crazy but commercial style, as I think the sort of stuff you might see in their mag didn't necessarily carry across.


I'm in love with the effect of the stripes in the background. If the shirt didn't have that giant brown blob on the left, I'd consider getting it.

ozrict two

i think this guy just took a dump on all of the design principles we try to adhere to and because he's momo he can do whatever he wants. well i'm not impressed

ozrict two

i get it a little more now that ive seen the website...but who would wear this...or is the question...an emo should wear this because emo need more attention?


this shirt sends me into seizures every time I see it. Wait... its happening again...


If you try hard enough, you can convince yourself that you like it.

I'm tired of the "if it's completely different, it must be good" school of thought.

I'm also tired of snotty, self-important designers who declare that if I don't like it it's because I'm stupid.


it has that f-w/your-head modern art look to it. I'm there with you man.


it looks like it says emo. doesn't anyone else see this?

ozrict two

if u like this u like anything u sucker mofo is punking u


Right On shadowboy!


Ozrict, there's really no need to comment on EVERY blog about this shirt. Make your own for god's sake.


*agrees with westwood.

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