Your all time Favourite Threadless T (and why)

I first got into Threadless because I had to have the "You Sank My Battleship" T. I still think that design is one of the top designs here.

I bought BBF pretty much on a whim. I'm quite into comparative religion, and this shirt was perfect.

It has since become my all-time favourite T shirt. It is brilliantly drawn, the message is seemingly straight-forward, and simultaneously complex.

If I ever had the skill or time to submit something I'd wish it could be half as good as this.

Print more like this, I say!

Watch this

Captain Awesome. Which I ordered but didn't receive! FUCK!

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Prepare for Fight, because it is comfortable, I love UPSO's work, and it was $15 instead of $25.

the czar

I really like Stat City and Who F*cking Cares!
I find myself wearing those 2 the most. Stat City is just cool, and WFC just makes me laugh.


everyone wants to look at it...and comment on how they pronounce cherry..haha!


Nothing Rhymes With Orange...i had posted a picture :/

Gringz profile pic Alumni

Bush. I dunno why, but I love it and it loves me.


Captain Bellyflop Strikes Again

great design, well executed, on an orange shirt, what else can you say - not a better shirt in the land. :)


my favourites:

Why the chicken cross abbey road
Reach for the stars
chinese peaches
are you in or out
time fades
the outdoor mix
E= MC escher
doodle bug


My favorite has to be Africa.


oh.. if i had to choose just one;
why did the chicken cross abbey road?
I am in love with that tee and i don't have it :(


i just LOVE the colour and nice big design.

russel hows yer ma
it fits the best.

we are made of carbon
the anteater makes me happy!

the only one i have never worn is 4 colour swatch palette cos it stretches to crap on my boobs :(


I have no 'stretches to crap on my boobs' problem. It's more of a 'sags pathetically on my non-boobs' problem. :(

I'm attached to Doodlebug, because it was my very first Threadless tee, but HI! is a real favourite. I also get requests for M Is For Monkey, because people like looking at the robot monkey for some reason.


probably snack. it still pulls a "tee-hee" or two out of me.


squinty- just EAT MORE PUDDING.

i hear it's good for boobs.


Well, this just sucks - because i play hella scrabble
3House - because i love the design, can wear it to work, reminds me of special places/times, gets compliments

it is a tie.

as i buy more shirts, i'm sure this will change.


Taz, pudding certainly will improve my bust, but only in direct proportion to my stomach, thighs and bottom. In the end, I am doomed.


In the end, I am doomed.
pun intended?



BTW, taz, I tried sending you some STPs, but it was at the same time as the whole STP Fiasco. Did you get them?


AHAHA, chelly! I wish I had written, 'I amdomed.' That would seem most appropriate. How are you doing? How's the BF?


squinty was that YOU??!
it was at roughly the same time that i sent my link to some friends to use, so i just figured it was one of them! sorry for not checking on the blogs. and you know, i really should have checked, as i get them so rarely.
seriously, thanks sooooooo much!


Cookie Loves Milk was my first and the one I get the most compliments on, so I guess that one can be my favorite. I wear Strange Birds a lot too, though.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Nothing (and for the same reason as well).


hey loy, how'd you get the site?

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

What site?

And vindi, I have nothing. Seems confusing, but I don't have a Nothing shirt yet.

mezo profile pic Alumni

There has been various favorites in my Threadless really depends on which week you are talking about. As for the most recent favorite, this HANDS DOWN:

It's retro in the design & colors, which I love...but has a wicked twist. And I adore the patterns and the artist who made it.

This was also a recent favorite:

I like to wear it on my cheery days. The colors are so magical.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

Psh, no surprise there, cracker.

Mine is Midnight Snack. It always makes me happy when I look at the design or wear it.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

Damnit, there was supposed to be a My favorite has to be Africa. above that first line...

Now my racial slur at Pear has failed :-(

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Hrmm... well with my most recent coupld of orders I've betrayed my previous favorite Mapple Vs Apy for my two new favorites 1975 and Mama's Boy and

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

bleh I suck at linking :P


I still love my first shirt, Don't shoot the messenger.

I also really like Decay and Deadless.


Brian, one day I'm gonna come to your house and break my foot off in your boney white ass.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

just don't get blood on the carpet

mezo profile pic Alumni

Oooh...a design MYSTERY! Where is Angela Lansbury?!

fc gravy

midnight snack is always my fave not only because the illustration is brilliant but it was my first ever threadless tee. at the moment though urban camo is the awesome!

spires profile pic Alumni

Come back to me, I love the pattern and colors. Reminds me of the cinema scenes from ninja gaiden.

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