I've seen that somewhere before

  • by emsef
  • posted Sep 02, 2005
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Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Yea but...Threadless rules!

(O'Doyle Rules!)


Hm. That's...odd.
But the designer is not be blamed, these are tees from 'OMG TEES' which means that random people submit slogans (e.g. "What Would MacGyver Do?) then people vote on if they would wear that slogan or not. Then, the designer picks a slogan from the current top 50 slogans.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

^HAHHAA! skipper, you just earned yourself some cool points from me!


Somebody needs to tell me how to link images

cshimala profile pic Staff

you can only do it the initial blog post


Hey, I was just wondering if anyone here would be willing to design a t-shirt with the cover of Neutral Milk Hotel's "Aeroplane Over the Sea" on it..


I would say a little TOO similar. No creativity anymore..

Glennz profile pic Alumni

that design is more than similar scudless, someone has ripped off my original artwork.


hey glennz, have you seen that blog addressed to you?

i carnt spel

Glen you always arrive when we say your not real... interesting

been fishing or snowboarding lately, stoopid question but the main reason i wanna go to New Zealand...

what do you like doing in your spare time?

Glennz profile pic Alumni

if you get down to New Zealand spend alot of time in the south island, I spent some time down there with my girlfriend kayaking last year in Able Tasman national park, we're heading back again this year, probably go to Milford sound this time

i carnt spel

yeah... i've got this old snapper secrets video...

haha watched it the other day but i was talking to a kiwi who was in town as a mechanic for the 5o0cc motorbikes and reckons they catch heaps more snapper than in Australia... looks heaps better

all the rivers and forests and offshore islands look incredible, so pristine... such a difference considering it's not that far away!

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