Damnit, yet another shirt I want this week that's sold out...

  • by Tasman001
  • posted Oct 24, 2006

Why does Threadless always underprint t-shirts when they have a sale? I want this...

Watch this

i agree. this one shirt i was about to order, but by the time i was checking out, they were all out. it sucked.


good thing I am a girlie and can order this whenever!


It sold out in men's sizes in about 12 hours. I was pissed when I woke up to find them sold out. I still have a men's medium in my cart that I don't feel like removing


HAHAHAHA!!! You guys won't believe what just happened. Right after I made that last post, I checked my cart to see that my men's medium of this shirt was still in my cart. I clicked "Next step, shipping information" just to see what would happen. Well it brought me to the shipping information page. I thought "wtf, I thought this was sold out!?" I went to the product page and it said they had one in stock. I was like whoooa! So in the next 10 seconds or so I had an order placed .

I'm a happy camper now :D It was worth it even though I didn't get it on sale

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