Total Regret

I really really want this now.

I first bought it in the wrong size so I sent it back for an exchange. But when I got the reply for the exchange, there were no more girly mediums left.

Kicking myself now... ow ow

So question is, who should I go to if I wanna ask if they have a spare girly medium left in this and what are the odds they would have one lying around??

Sorry for a noobsie kinda post.


anyway, I've just emailed Threadless to see if they have one in girly medium.

but out of curiousity, has anyone who's a girly medium tried on a guy's small?

If you do, can I please have a look and see how it fits, you can posts your pictures up here.

Watch this

hey! thanks for your message, foreigner!


try ebay/begging bloggers to sell it/find and destroy rachel raygun.


you talk all wierd.

I don't like it.


I like your second message the most.

MeLa de Gypsie

PEAR!!!! was it you? the imposter!!!!


oh that second message was hot, you said you loved me, that made my ass blush

MeLa de Gypsie

I gotta listen, I'm in the office, can't. damn. well.. SOMEONE did the same thing in Micah's MyChingo.

And all evidence all points towards ONE person..


yeohgh profile pic Alumni

hope u got your size of this shirt soon, cos this shirt is great, i got one and wonderful, i am loving it!


If you wear a medium it may be a lil too baggy... I wear a guys small and a girls large cuz i like a lil loose fit instead of skin tight. ahah... but yeah you can go for it but it will most liekly be a lil too big. Hope this helped.

MeLa de Gypsie

aye Siye, it helped. It just told me not to get a guy's small.. haha.

I tried a girl's large and it just looks wrong, so I'm expecting the guy's one will look funny too.


i love it as well but i wonder why they didn't use overprint when they printed it...

MeLa de Gypsie

i dont hv a size now i exchanged it and got a voucher
spent it on other tees

sorry i am trying to type without punctuation

it so happened my friend has a guys small and i tried it on
fits alright a little more baggy but i will consider
only the sleeves are too long for me


man, i need to buy one in girly L for a friend

MeLa de Gypsie


seems like i shouldve held on to it
so i can sell it to you

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

checks photos

confirmed. no photo of it yet

weeps and whine and whine


well, don't know if this helps or not; I got a girly medium, what I usually wear, but it appears that the buster brown shirt is a bit bigger than the usual girly medium, more akin to a guy's small.

I've bought and worn guy's small before, and they're generally okay on length, and they fit pretty well on the chest and hip, but you have to cinch the waist with pins or whatever, which--at least on me--doesn't look that good. Looks pretty awkward and adds about five pounds.

good luck!


p.s. I just sent in my girly medium to be exchanged, so if you're still up for it, contact threadless and have them see if they will send it to you.

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