• by txz6
  • posted Mar 13, 2012

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This is my design of a bread relaxing on a sauna while it gets toasted. Thank you all for the time it takes you to critique my design, I appretiate all comments.

sneaky fox

I'm not sure I like the placement on the shirt. Although maybe if you added some steam rising up from the top it would add to the placement and the idea of a sauna?

I'd also like to see the toast with a more bread-like shape.

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i agree with sneaky you could make good use of the upper part of the tee if not raise the design other wise it'll be a bit strange. but other wise i like the concept very cute.

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Thanks for your comments. Now That you say it, it makes sense that the design should be at chest level. Any other suggestions?


also, move the toaster switch lower. in the position its at now, it seems like it wouldnt be on


Creo que tienen razón en los comentarios. 1) bajar la manija del tostador. 2) poner un poco de vapor saliendo de la estufa. 3) algún color de los que tienes te dá para tostar un poco el pan?


también creo que convendría subir todo el diseño un poco en la playera


I agree with adding steam, and you should also make the bread a little bit darker because it is being toasted.


Such a cute idea! With some of the adjustments mentioned above, such as adding dark marks on the bread so it looks toasted and lowering the toaster lever, etc... It will be great!


this is nice.. i think you should add more sweat and im not about the placement.. it's a lil bit awkward placement for me..

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Hi, this is V2 of my design, I have worked on some of the critiques you gave me, that include de placement, the steam, the towel error, lowered the leaver and the toast color. I have also added some whater to the sauna heater, heating wires like in a toaster that generates the heat and changed the leaver design.

Please let me know your opinion on these changes, I would love to know your opinion to see if I am moving on the right track.

Thank you all for your time and honest comments.


Thanks for the comments on the lumberjacks! Really great concept! I think the toast could be bigger and still be impactful. How about toast tattoos? Great work!


cool design for sure! I would also think about resizing it a little.. Make it a bit smaller and move it up on the t.... still, nice work. Keep it up!


I agree scale it down a little bit and move it higher on the shirt again. I also think it would be nice to see a cord coming out of the toaster. You are heading in the right direction great work.


I like the slider button in version 1 better. Great concept. Needs shadows and highlights


Cute! Submit!


Correction, I had the button sliders mixed up, I like the thin button slider best.


Overall Aweosme cute design, but i would like to make it smaller around chest. in my opinion it will be great.

please critique mine:


please critique mine:


wonderful concept. While the image inside the toaster is awesome. The toaster is not blending well with it. I also feel that the perspective of the toaster is a bit off. And i agree with most of the comments above. as far as the toaster is concerned. None the less it is an awesome design.

Could you score this and leave a comment as what you feel about the design?

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Really good and funny. I would suggest changing the smoke/steam coming out of the toaster and adding some shadows, for example a shadow of the toast into the bench, from the bench into the ground etc, but not too much, you should still keep it simple.


Great idea, very funny haha. I dont like the placement so much, I think the smoke lines are taking to much space and the drawing should be little more up

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Hi, thank you all for you comments, they have been very helpful. Based on that, I have made new changes to hopefully improve my design. I have added a base to the toaster, made the bread bigger, made the toaster smaller and raised the placement. Also and probably the main change is that I have changed the steam coming out of the toaster for a steam cloud that surrounds the toaster to better blend the design with the T. Please let me know what you think of these changes.

I appreciate your time and comments.


By the way, you can see the placement by clicking on the image.


Hey, I think this one is definitely the best version so far... the steam cloud is a nice touch! Keep up the good work...


I can't think of much to change, it looks really good. Maybe the dots on the toast could be the same colour as the bench so they look more like sesames (not sure if they are white or not, it's hard to tell?)


Haha, this one is nice. Maybe adding a texture for a vintage effect would complete the picture!


You did a great job!! The only remark I have is that the steam is supposed to be inside the toaster, since the bread is in a sauna session! :)

I like your design :)


Mmmm i'm not sure about that cloud. i would try to make the steam came only from upside but different as it was before. The full cloud makes no sense with all the design

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Slight adjustments...but the idea is simply HILARIOUS!!!! I like the way you think. :)


this is great! I love it!


Hi: I have been working on the steam going out of the toaster to integrate the design better. Please let me know what you think of this Version. I appretiate all of your comments and opinions.

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