Stripes and Stars

  • by boxless
  • posted Mar 10, 2012

Watch this

A bit over coloured and complicated but elegant design. I'm primarily here to see if any one can help with some tips or interesting tutorials to help me get this down to t-shirt compatible.rnrnthanks in advance for any and all help.


Really nice! I think to make it better i would not make the outline of the color gradient so uniform. Try using a brush with a light opacity and some shape to erase around the outline. Otherwise good job!

Help me out too!


Nice idea, have you thought about making the tiger colored with the background.


thank you for the help on my design.

I think the tigre should be the same coloud as the shirt :) . I'd also blur the edges of the stars a bit more so they meld with the shirt and the it doesn't look so sudden. I like the idea, well done!


You could try halftones for the colors.

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sneaky fox

This is pretty cool. I'd like to see the tiger's feet would look better if they were there, instead of the hind legs getting cut off at the edge of the color.

Threadless has, for one of their specialty printing options, a velvet-like printing texture. It might look pretty cool to have your background all colorful and halftone with the superimposed velvet tiger on top. Something to think about anyway. Overall, I like the design.

If you have a second, critique me?


what i feel is that the tiger shud be in contrasting colours as the tee so that the attention will be directly towards the tiger... thats what i feel :)


That Tiger is awesome! I'm not liking that triangle. Why is it there?

Thanks for your feedback.


this is perfect for the most part but i think you should make the space background fade into the background more btw check out my critique "KTG"


As sneaky fox said, I think you should have the bottom of the tigers legs. I am also not sure about the triangle. Perhaps you could get rid of it and make the stars more obvious? I'm not very clued up on printing methods so can't help you with that, sorry.

Mystic Creator

This design is really neat! The only thing is like what angelcakehair54 said. I would make the outline of the gradient a little more varied. But other than that I love this design! I like the tiger just the way it is. I also like the triangle shape too.


I feel like there is not enough contrast in the design makes it hard on the eyes. I'd like to see it on a different color tee.


okay figured ut how to get way from weird fuzzy edges vs hard edges with just become a hassle and combined with an idea that i saw tossed around in the comments. how is this! (not there are stars in the background and they be seen here kind of I'm pretty sure full version i'll just ditch em.)


sorry some typos in there i'm half asleep sorry.


I like it! and I agree, it's improved a lot from the first version! did you say there were stars in there? it would be sweet to have a constellation either within or even forming the tiger. just a random thought. but anyways, its really cool and great quality. good work!!


Thanks for you comments on my design, I like yours, you should go for it. Let me know if you submit to score

man of consequence

I'm likin this a lot more than the old version! Quite unique and "threadless" in it's content :) submit


Thanks for you feedback.

Great improvement! And thanks for getting rid of that triangle. I'm not sure how everyone else felt about it. I referenced a pic of a tiger and it does seem accurate that tigers have less stripes going towards his shoulders, head, and front paws. But I feel you can add a few more stripes though. But maybe everyone else is okay with it. Entirely up to you.


colorful and creative


very nice! it looks great, I dont know if I would wear it cause it's too flashy for me hehe, but it definitely looks awesome. Submit!

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