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Grammar Nazi

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I based this off of the term grammar nazi and WWII propaganda posters. It is for all my fellow men who believe that the improper use of grammar is almost heinous. Long live the Oxford Comma!


cool, it could use a little more work though.


cool, it could use a little more work though.


cool, it could use a little more work though.


cool, it could use a little more work though.


cool, it could use a little more work though.


i can't really see anyone choosing to wear a shirt that so nearly identifies them as a nazi sympathiser, as much as i may like correcting grammar myself.


I like this design. The placement of the graphic is perfect and the red and black contrast catches the eye. One thing I would change would be the red of the shirt to a brighter red. Also, there is a random star looking thing in the top left hand corner. I believe that this is the tail of the plane, but once noticed it is very distracting. Great job though!


NathanRay, what do you think could use more work?

I don't see it as making the wearer a nazi sympathizer. It is a term for someone who is overly critical of grammar and spelling. The term "nazi" is used nowadays is a name for someone who is psychotically strict. It's not promoting it. Thank you for putting in your opinion.

Thanks RedFox! I didn't see that. I'll fix it in the next version.


You're wasting your time bro. Pick a new idea.


Idk about the other guys but I kinda like this, maybe they dont like it because this site has a lot of blue bunnies and purple fish. It might be better off being sold somewhere else, but the design is good


Thank you blackjag!

Does anyone have any other critique?


Design is nice and well executed, but I have to agree with d3d. ):


As far as technique is concerned, it's great. The textures are interesting, the colours work well together. You seem to have a good eye for design.

As far as the concept is concerned... I wouldn't submit it. If I saw this shirt on someone, I would take one look at it and immediately think it was very bad taste. I wouldn't even bother trying to take a closer look and see that no, it's not a swastika but a 'G' and the small print is talking about grammar. The 'grammar' concept isn't strong enough here.

I am as against bad grammar as you are (grew up with both parents as teachers!!) so I understand how passionate you are, but this isn't the way to go about conveying your idea on a shirt. I think if you want to use the word 'NAZI' in your visual depiction, you need to get as far away from the literal translation of the word as possible.

Sorry I don't have much positive input, mate! Feel free to send a link my way if you come up with something new. :)


I guess the problem in the overall design is that it's more Nazi and less Grammar. It's basically just a lot of Nazi imagery with a "G" in the middle of it. In my personal experience once you have to explain it the idea kinda dies.


I can totally see creepy ass skinheads wearing this. not a good look =/


I see what you guys mean. I'll go change it. Thanks for the critiques!


Should I try to get rid of all WWII and replace with grammar or just trash it? I have a few ideas to make it much more grammar.


Or would just the symbol be bad enough? What are your thoughts on just the symbol on red?


If you think this is in bad taste take a look at the new trend in Thai land XD Design wise this is good, and I think some people would find this funny and wear it. It'd be getting this approved by threadless that is worth worring about though : / I cant see them approving a design like this Keep at it though because you clearly have talent!


Overall, It could use a little more literature based content rather than Nazi Germany. It could use some work, some of the texture is off, and easy fix, and the plane tail does look like a star. Overall, I would redo the content around the G, possibly make it (the G)a little smaller, but the idea is there, and Its a good one.

Naked ninja

I really like this. I might fade the white down a little. The colours and layout are great and I love the blimp and all the old war imagery. Worried that the Nazi thing may not go down well. But as far as design goes this is great.


Regardless of the fact it's not a very good idea for a tshirt, it's unbelievably unoriginal idea.


Ugh, formatting fuck up.



Look, just do a fucking google image search for "grammar nazi"


I think you are on dangerous ground here, full-stop. The fact is that even the phrase 'grammar nazi' by itself is, if you stop to think about it, quite offensive. It's implying what you'd do if you caught someone using bad grammar would be equivalent to a war atrocity. And then adding imagery of soldiers, and red back and white, and a swastika-inspired central logo... whoo, baby.

As a piece of design, I actually think it is very aesthetically pleasing. But dump it. Sorry.

The slogan is the one thing that cold be salvaged, but that would need work if it was to stand by itself.


My first reaction was negative. You did such a great job mimicking the Nazi propaganda that I actually find it offensive. A similar idea with "Grammar Police" might be a better way to go.

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