FINAL UPDATE: 5 candidates you can actually believe in! Vote now!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Mar 06, 2012


We’re so happy that so many of you chose to cast your vote in our election. It’s time to announce the big winner...

CONGRATS PANDAS! Your adorable faces won you the most votes!

For those of you that submitted patch designs, here’s who scored a $25 gift card in each campaign that had patch submissions:

NINJAS: Chris Wharton aka Wharton for his four part attack series promoting ninjas

ROBOTS: Jim Gray aka 0Jim0

And of course, the patch that will actually be created and distributed to everyone that submitted a patch design, PANDAS: Mitch Loidolt!

The community team will email you to get with your gift codes!

The election is over but the tees are still for sale, so if you still want to have your voice heard, snag ‘em while they’re on sale for just $9.99!

UPDATE! Check out the leader board:






Wanna change the standings? Make your vote yourself or promote your favorite tee!

Today we launched a series of five tees that give you the opportunity to have your voice heard!

Vote Zombies!, Vote Ninjas!, Vote Pandas!, Vote Vampires!, & Vote Robots! were all designed by swissarmyshark aka AJ Paglia so you can show the world exactly where your allegiance lies.

Show your support for the candidate of your choice by purchasing the appropriate tee! (You can vote as many times as you’d like.) Everyone that casts a vote, gets a sticker!

Each purchase made is a vote for that candidate. We’ll update this blog with the standings so you can see who is in the lead.

Who will it be? Do you think vampires can lead you to immortal happiness? Do zombies have all the brains? Is panda cuteness the way to a better tomorrow? Will ninjas protect your future? Robot pun?

Cast your vote now! You have until Tuesday, March 20.

Want to get more involved in this very special election? Become a member of your candidate’s campaign. Each is being headed by one of our ambassadors. They’ll be running a design challenge for their candidate’s patch as well as hosting a discussion about the assets & general awesomeness of said candidate.

Priscilla is heading up the zombie campaign.

Ian is pro-robot.

Alvaro is working towards vampire domination.

Tom is all over the ninjas.

Jess is gonna show the world how cute pandas are.

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Tonteau profile pic Alumni

What does this mean? Why would I vote for any of these? What happens when one wins? What is this purpose of this?

jesshanebury profile pic Alumni

The purpose is fun! We'll all see which one of the five candidates is loved the best! Also, there will be a design challenge in each campaign blog which will be posted in just a little bit!


I'm joining Pandas because I like Jess!


I'm voting Ninjas because I don't want to be sliced by Megan's ninja star!

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

it's all about the zombies

The Ferret

Vote for which outdated dead horse of a joke you'd like to keep beating!

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Zombies eat dead horses for breakfast!

I don't even know what that means. Nevermind.


I'm casting my ballot with a write-in nomination for shapeshifters! (Shapeshifters for real changes.)

Tiki Dragyn

Hey, Why no Pirate Vote.....


I with Tiki, where's the Pirates!? In that case it has to be Ninja!

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

^That's what I like to hear!

sneaky fox

I'm totally on board with team ROBOT. Best design & slogan.

Hey, new product suggestion: can threadless start selling pins? Because I'd want to own this entire collection and have them pinned on all my stuff. (Of course, I could say that about a lot of the tees on here as well.)


I hug panda.


Vampires only work from sun down to sun rise, dont expect them to make policy decisions during the day and they certainly cant go on diplomatic missions to the antartic.

We need leaders who are always available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, who never take a break and know how to work as a team.

Vote zombie.

sneaky fox

Clearly you are mistaken. Robots work for free, where as zombies work for brains.

Vote Robot.


Robots run on a platform of specism, and inequality.

The zombies are the only equal opportunity party, your race, your sexuality or class are unimportant. Everyone can be a zombie.


seeing as i'm the resident dickhead around here i'll ask the question that is hammering my brain: how is dividing a community into smaller groups going to unite an entire community?

i like fun. i know it sounds like i don't, but i do. i like communal fun. didn't we do this a few months ago with the logos and the twittering and all that? i was in ian leino's group...and twelve hours later i forgot that it was a thing.

the book, the zine...can't wait for those types of activities.


I voted Robot!


I vote Ninja. We've had too many zombies and robots for presidents already! I'd vote panda, but we've lost enough jobs to China because of the zombies and robots. Maybe there will be an independent werewolf.


Vampires, because "Dracula" is such a great book! Classics!


But to be honest, Pandas are cute, that's true!!!


w00t pandas in the lead!!!


Let's go Ninja! Swoop in now!!! Kiyyaaaa!!!


So glad I picked the right candidate. GO PANDAS.


Can you still buy the tee-shirts after voting has ended?

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Panda's have zero (sex) drive and if they can't look out for themselves then what good would they be to anyone else. Zombies are OCD for brains and can't see the bigger picture. Vampires are too busy with extra curricular activities such as stealing chicks, lurking in shadows and posing in moonlight to effectively lead. Robots lack imagination and spontaneity and are forever trying to exterminate or homogenise things.

Ninjas on the other hand are dedicated, hardworking, triple hard masters of their own destiny. Soft as shadows and silent emissaries of evil doers doom.

Vote Ninja!

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Well done Pandas, the cutest team one. Nice work Mitch and Jim!

Thanks Threadless for picking my patch and running a great challenge!

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