Rainbow is Melting

  • by hyeJack
  • posted Mar 05, 2012

Watch this

anybody here please critique my design..please... =]


I agree with izzryb on the cloud, something seems out of place. ): But I really like it otherwise!


Maybe instead of the cloud have the rainbow arch and have the colors melting off of that

sneaky fox

Get some of the white of the shirt mixed in with that cloud to lighten it and have more detail.

Also, I think the rainbow would looking better really dripping out of the cloud, not pouring out like molasses. Good luck with it! Its a nice idea. :D



thanx guys, im in a progress for the 2nd version...


GUYS! how bout my new version? please say anything =]


I think we should try the reverse: the rainbow top, which falls down from the neck. And the cloud bottom, covered with colors


the messages you can look in many of perspective, depends how it will be thinks in many ways. btw, thanx for the compliment! =]


Thanks for your comments on my design,

About yours, nice Idea, maybe add some details to the cloud. keep it up


i like the cloud (and new cloud color), but i'd lose the bevel on the cloud in this latest version. i do like the new look of the melting rainbow in this version. i would move the melting rainbow strands off-center (to the left, underneath the larger portion of the cloud?) maybe a few splashes/ raindrops of color at the bottom of the shirt?

if you have a moment, i have a design up for voting, thx! vintage fish


I like the idea and the colors are very fun! You've made good choices on your revision. I would suggest working with the melting edge of the rainbow a little more. When things melt they tend to bubble and round. The leading edges should be round and smooth. Perhaps you could find a good reference if you Google images of melting wax and candles. You're nearly there, just a few final details. Keep at it!

Please, if you have a moment I have a submission up for scoring and would welcome your vote – thank you.


Pretty clever! But why don`t you try to make it look more like a rainbow?

I mean, it can begin not under the cloud , but above it, going up and then gradually rounding up and falling down like an ordinary rainbow. But if you want to keep it vertical I would advise to work a little more on the cloud in order to give it a better texture.

Please, vote for my design, if you have time!

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