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Wild Ride

  • by MalPal
  • posted Mar 04, 2012

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So this is a design I have been working on. I need some help though...Im not sure what colors to do, or what tshirt color to pick. My thoughts were either they be colored similar to the car they represent, they could be colored like the animal, or I even kinda liked the b/w with no color just lines. I just want a balance between looking like cars and looking like animals. What do you all think? And any other suggestions too would be welcome :)


And also do i need text below each animal? Or is the idea clear enough without text? Thanks!!


And also do i need text below each animal? Or is the idea clear enough without text? Thanks!!


I actually like it in black and white, I feel like its easier to discern what they are! Maybe if anything do a slight shading or just do a light colred shirt like slate or blue so it willl help the lines pop out. And I don't think that you need to have any text. This is really cute!! Will you please check out my design and give me some feedback? :)


I actually like it in b/w too. Hmm....thanks for the advice! I did give you feedback, check it out!! :D


I think this is great! I used to have a long commute and always find myself thinking certain cars looked like animals... I especially like the rabbit car. The eyes crack me up.

I think you should leave it as lineart. I like how detailed and sharp it is. I don't think you need text or to color each animal car. I domt even think shading is necessary. If anything, I'd say choose a light blue, light pink or jade and then make the lineart a much darker (nearly black) version of the color you choose. That should be enought to make it stand out.

If you don't mind me asking, what program did you use ?


funny idea :) Submit it :)

if you want, could you help me?


Thanks guys, I think I agree about the coloring, but I may try a color version just to test it out. But Roxanne that's a good idea about making the lineart a darker version of the shirt color, I didnt think about that! And I used photoshop :)


Aw I'm happy I could be of any help! I hope we get to see both the colored and lineart update! I plan to keep an eye on this!

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it's cool! reminds me dumb & dumber!


Great artwork!


The design is well done. I suggest to go for a single colour and also see if you can make the lines of same type. There are too many different line type is what i feel. And I dont think you need to give a tag for each. Since the figures are well done and apparent.

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