SICK! -Update

I haven't been vomiting or anything but I'm either in crazy pain or just highly uncomfortable.

It started friday night. In the general area of my appendix, there was a sharp pain like a knife being stuck inside me. That kinda went away but then would come back worse every so often.

It faded away for over 24 hours but then came back real bad last night. On saturday though, it felt like my insides were burning in my abdomen. That's come back today.

And it sucks man.
My mom won't take me to a doctor or anything. She said she doesn't believe me.

Watch this

Go to a hospital. Now. No joke.

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You're mom won't take you to a hospital? what the fuck is that? call 911 then. If you have appendicitis, you need attention now.


Cab. Bus. Whatever. How far are you away from the nearest hospital?


Actually, what Ramsay said.

Or just as good, tell your mom you're about to call 911 and that if she doesn't want to get stuck with the ambulance bill, she might want to get you there, now.


I doubt it's appendicitis. And idfk where the hospital is. I haven't been to one since I moved over here.


The closest one is some ways away. I'm broke. And, I don't drive. If it gets worse while I'm at work tonight, I'll talk to my mom again.

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Sounds like it could be your gallbladder, in which case, you should get yourself to a doctor.


You should probably take care of yourself please.


it's sounding an awful lot like what the dude had in alien

just before the alien popped out of his chest/abdomen region


Remember that time that girl died after she posted a blog about having strange pains and her mom wouldn't take her to a doctor?


Good times, man.


Awww is it your first period?


The burning feeling faded away a while after I posted my last comment yesterday. It didnt come back and hasn't come back yet. But I talked to my mom and she said when it comes back, she'll take me to the hospital.

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