Fractal Birds

  • by KMills7
  • posted Feb 25, 2012

Watch this

I was asked to create any sort of design in class, and the process lead me to this. So many of my classmates' feedback said if I ever made this into a product they would definitely buy it. Now, that is what I am doing; turning my design into an original shirt.


Love the colors and the wrap around design.


Looks good! I'm not too sure about on heather -- try a brighter shirt color?

sneaky fox

I really like this. I love the wrap around design and the colors. I'm holding off voting as yet because I wanted to ask what that pinkish blob is at the top that they are flying into. Is it a cloud shape? Is it just filled with more birds? I can't really tell because of the size of the image. It almost reminds me of a goldfish. :P

If you get a chance, throw me a a critique as well.


I agree with being confused what the top part is. I also agree to try brighter shirts. I know it's not really much help, but I do think placement is good.

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