Happiness is Everywhere

  • by Farashah
  • posted Feb 24, 2012

Happiness is Everywhere

Watch this

great idea, totally loved it.. but sorry to tell you the arabic word is is in the wrong direction, and the letters should be connected.. it might not matter now but i just had to say it..


wow this is really cool i might buy it!!!!!!!!! great idea and its a real smiler!!! ^^~


ah..would have bought it in a heartbeat if there were "bahagia/kebahagiaan" in it.

zenbolic vision

fricken awesome loveee it wished the Arabic font was fixed tho


i LOVE this design however I'm definitely not wild about the placement of the design.


I really like the concept of this shirt and I would have bought it if it weren't for the mistake. The Arabic for happiness is wrong, it does not read correctly. The letters need to be connected and read right to left.


love it ... just a remark although it's been made... it's a recurring problem in movies and games like COD, the Arabic is written in a wrong way due to error in fonts. it's flipped and detached. it's supposed to be left to right and attached :) Arabic language is beautiful ^^

thank you anyway!


i love this shirt :) if only i had money :/


I love this shirt, and I would buy it if the Arabic were correct. I'll keep my eye out for a reprint!


I'll keep my eye out for a reprint, would totally buy with the correct arabic! Love the design and idea!


Please!!! Would you mind correcting the Arabic word?? It's written in reverse and completely detached!!! There is no I in the word happiness in Arabic.


Sorry guys, but happiness in Arabic is wrong. it doesn't hurt anyone to ask a native speaker you know?

the way you wrote it is from left to right, as if it was English, moreover, the letters are not connected.

I've just noticed that Jenah has also mentioned it. :D


The Arabic is written backwards, and not connected. Bummer. It's a pretty shirt.


Would love to have it with corrected arabic! Lovelovelove. I have friends who are native speakers and don't want to wear the shirt around them if it's wrong.


Reprint it with correct Arabic. Don't want to offend my Arabic friends.


I would buy this shirt immediately if the arabic was corrected.


The word happiness in arabic is written from left to right instead of right to left, and they are not connected too. (سعادة) is right, but (ة د ا ع س) is not right. Trust me, I'm arabian


why doesn't my comment show Arabic letters ._.


Please, please reprint! :)




Reprint please!!

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