Crazy totem!

  • by nabes
  • posted Feb 20, 2012

Watch this

This is for the weird design challenge, lemme know what you all think. I cant figure out how to use under 8 colours for everything, I always need more!


its nice.. :) did you try some other color tshirt, i would like to see this one on different colors tee ?


I like this, super fun. If I can try to say something to help you, the background repeated four times is a little distracting. Perhaps make one clean background so we can focus on your drawing skills. If you have time, would you help me out by scoring my submission in the running? Thanks so much!


heres another one, i cant figure ouit how to make flash files smaller so i cant upload the flash templates on here


I really like it, I'm not sure abbout the arrows though... It might look better with out :P But it looks great all round :D


cool! i like the design on the wings. very unique design.


need to see the art closer - can you just have it up with the model to the side?


I'm also not sure about the arrows and I'd like to see the art up close as well, but from here it's looking pretty cool, I like it.

Could you vote on my submitted design? Birds


this is what it looks like without the arrows, personally i like the arrows more, but what do u allthink?


here it is no arrows, and a close up. i personally like the arrows, but you guys say otherwise, what u all think now? oh and its for the threadless loves weird challenge!


Looking good, I think its needs an overall shadow and maybe some highlights. I could go either way, with or without the arrows, but if you keep em maybe change the color.

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art is pretty cool, the presentation is kinda bad. Maybe don't stretch the model so much.


I like this :) I like it on the purple shirt better though. If you do keep the arrows maybe just play around with the color of them. Could you please help critique my design. I LOVE YOU


I think using a different model is a good idea as well. I think the placement might be better a bit lower on the tee. The idea is good. The artwork is pretty good as well. This is just a thought... Would it be more crazy/ whacky is the tongue was going into his ear and sticking out of some random whole. I think the more random it is the more crazy it will seem, giving your concept more edge...

Could you please help me out with my design as well i just need some comments on it thanks.

Game Over


Now that i see a close up i though those triangles were greenish looks diff on the model. Looks good without the arrows too, i do miss the purple shirt but this color interesting too. I can tell it has some shadow on the model but can really tell on the bigger image. Keep at it yo got something going here.

also updated my design Catching Wiflys


ok so i havent fully changed it that much i jsut want u guys to tell me which u like better, with or without arrows, and i changed the colour on em. then ill make the tongue come out somewhere else as well cheers guys!


Personally, I'm a fan of the arrows. You know what would be wicked awesome? If you drew two or three more of these guys and stack them up a side of the shirt. I really like the crazy totem pole, but I think there needs to be a few more faces for me to really get the feeling of totem pole. Just a thought. If not, this is still a really nice drawing!

Please vote! Prehistoric Pity


I agree needs to be a bit longer to be a totem pole (maybe add some more details like other faces?) Page looks squashed - looking long? Simplify the presentation - 1 large view to show all the cool detail and just the design on the tee (1st model looks the best) - it really doesn't need the design all over the background I know you are showing a graffitti type angle but it just looks messy and complicated. I like the arrows on the design - adds another element. You artwork looks fantastic....Just keep it simple - let your artwork do the talking!


Arrows look good. I say keep them. Thanks for your comment on my design. I have posted a new version please check it out

Game Over


now that i see it on the tee, I like it without the arrows I think. and I like generic human's thought about seeing more like this, where they're stacked or something because this one is awesome!! so it would be even more awesome to see more of your totems. but as is, this is sweet!


I agree that you should make the totem pole taller. I just had an idea you could do with this design, take it or leave it, you could put the back of the totem pole on the back of the shirt. Could you take a look at my design please. I LOVE YOU


I liked the arrow's on #2, though you should have more faces, but not the same face. make sure there similar but different think that would be important.

Vote plz ^^ Moon Cheers!


Hey, Thanks for your nice comments on my design, it is now up for scoring. Please if you have time help me out by scoring it at: Brain_Switch


Looks really colorful, but it's a bit thin in my opinion.

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