Thinking of submitting this - thoughts?

Hi guys,

I'm new at this submitting thing, so I thought I might post this design here first to get any feedback or good advice that you might be willing to share! Any suggestions on betterment are appreciated!

Updated. Any better?

Watch this

I love it! =) I think it has some readability issues (the face isn't immediately obvious, possibly because of its low contrast; the hand and beard are a bit blended too). Also his left arm (our right) looks detached from the shoulder.

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I'd love to see some detail in the fur, just because I'm a sucker for fur detail. It always makes art really interesting.

I seriously love your style! I think you'll get a great response from the community.


Thanks, good peeps! Great suggestions!

Manupix - I'll work on differentiating the hand from the beard - possibly with a shadow behind the hand. And the left arm does look a little detached - damn it's hard making a stylized illo look right anatomically (at least for me!)

TIB- Fur detail would be so nice - My problem is how to make it look good without being too busy. I will play around with it.

Thanks for the kind words and advice.

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I really like the simplicity and colour pallet. I'm not a huge fan of how you did the shadow. Maybe just a general rounded shadow under him? Over all great though!


Yeah, good point about the shadow - I really struggled with it and don't think it looks right. Perhaps it should not be so hard edged. Thanks!

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any title ideas?


No title ideas - I need help with that too!

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What the other's said. But this is seriosly great. Can't wait to see more from you.


Oooh, Frost Giants - I've never heard of that -cool stuff! Norse mythology is full of amazing stuff.

Inkdummy- thank you! I'm very inspired by this community.

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Yeah! make it less flat. And consider putting it on a gray or other colored background. a plain white t-shirt isn't the most ideal canvas, in my opinion.


Updated bump! Any better?


For titles, I'm thinking "A Murder of Crows and One Viking." Is that too long? Or maybe something like, "Odin's Wrath," because he had 2 ravens that watched the earth for him. But that probably doesn't make sense, because I have 3 here for starters.

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