WHAT the hell...

Why is it that every time i see a design i like, which i may, just may want to purchase, that it sells out of my size ( L male) in half a day, when there are tons left over of all the crappy designs and weird sizes. do you guys - and gals - print quantities which proportionatly represent demands, i.e. mostly men will buy this zombie shirt, and most men range between M and XL, so it stands to reason that you would print enough L-M shirts to last more than a day....

Watch this

I ate a ton and made myself fat so I can fit an XL

mrs. squid

I don't think that liking zombies has that much to with gender, unless we're talking about children.

steve-breaker of horses

yet many of the male shirts have sold and all female sizes still remain at plenty... i hate to generalize, but ... c'mon


It baffles me too, steve. Men's large always sells out first and the popular shirts usually sell out of large before I even see the email. I got the notification about this shirt 3 hours ago and it's already sold out in large. I'm definitely bummed.

mrs. squid

Maybe your right about men being into zombies more. I guess a lot women can be kinda lame sometimes.


i like zombies just fine. i even bought zombie donkey.

back in the days. long ago. a million years ago today.

staffell profile pic Alumni

But that's impossible, as it says you're only 100.31 years old


you've got me there.
i actually don't know how i aged so fast, i remember my youth like it was yesterday.


Kinda happy that I fit into a small. Hooray for small bodies!


yay just bought a medium of zombies

it's nearly sold out too and after i missed out on the reprint of communist party there was no way i wasn't getting this one...


They should make a collection of statistical data in sales of particular sizes, then sub-divide it by genres of shirts to ensure that the most highly demanded sizes remain in stock. Not only will it lead to much better customer satisfaction, it will increase sales; the sizes are demanded, the sizes are available. Works out nicely.


yeah, but by making it so the shirts sell out faster, you are more inclined to stay on the mailing list incase it gets reprinted. THEREFORE. you will open every newsletter saying "maybe today is the day!", but today will never be the day, instead you will be exposed, constantly, to shirts you approve of 100%. then you will purchase them all.


That doesn't make any sense to me, other than the fact it might lead to me searching for another shirt to buy instead of the one I wanted, and deciding that I want multiple others. That neglects the fact that some people's method of searching for shirts leads them to look at one shirt from a particular site and then skip back to google what they want again.


yeah, some people will skip back to google and search some more, but i don't buy printed tees anywhere but threadless, just because i wouldn't know where to look and because the few times i have ventured out into the internet world, i am lost and aggravated by the variety of shinty tees that are out there.


Well that's no fun. I personally know of one other site devoted to t-shirts, which is www.bustedtees.com I wonder if I'm violating any terms of use by linking a competitor.. lol

If they're looking for a particular shirt, the chances of them finding threadless are particularly low. Most go to ebay or amazon, or some other store that has the shirt they typed into the search bar. I was personally referred to this site by an internet acquaintance. I didn't even know there were such things at the time.


It was there this morning. i waited for my street team points to come in. i should have got it last night. NOOOO!!!!!!!


All sold in males except small, and I just read the email when I got home from work. Ha!

Chris Hooson

Yeah man Im pissed about never getting a shit I like as it sells out in Large a nano second after its printed up, come on threadless increase those quantities man!!!

Chris Hooson

Doh!...I meant "shirt" of course, my sh*t seems OK,,,,I can definately get that OK.....(whince)


mrs squid likes red meat.


I think they already print more guys M and L of all the designs, than any other sizes.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

the tshirt sizes are already distributed so that the most t-shirts are on the most popular sizes. It is a bit of a DUH...

streetwise profile pic Alumni

sorry, i got one of the larges, and agree the large shirts could use a larger print run.


The limited amount of shirts printed is part of what threadless is all about. Otherwise they would keep everything in stock all the time.

Shirts are put up every Monday afternoon, check after work or whatever. It's not like it's a secret.


Let me speak from experience. Zombies hate headshots.


whoever made this shirt obviously has no experience in warding of zombies.


I think that a lot more ladies wear men's Tshirts than men wear ladies' Tshirts. I'd blame gals like me who buy men's.


I've seen designs that are all sold out in girly sizes and plenty in stock for men's, so It goes both ways. The only remedy is to sit at your computer with credit card in had for the rest of all eternity. Just in case.

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